Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Rio Grande and Metal Adventures announce new WHITE COPPRclay™


Rio Grande and Metal Adventures present another great advancement in metal clay: WHITE COPPRclay™. WHITE COPPRclay widens the design opportunities for base metal clay artists by adding a third color to the available palette. In addition to the bright yellow of BRONZclay™ and the rosy pink of original COPPRclay™, the silvery gray of WHITE COPPRclay provides new design options for the jewelry-maker.

Like other clay varieties, it can be textured, or accented with color using oxidizers or patinas, or simply polished to a bright white shine. After firing, the solid metal piece that emerges from the kiln is an alloy of nickel and copper. WHITE COPPRclay adds contrast to metal clay jewelry designs and hollowware creations:

• Create accent pieces that, after firing, can be partnered with other metal components.

• Before firing, layer accent pieces can be layered with original COPPRclay.

• Stack layers of clay, extrude and slice thinly to create mokume gane-like wood grain patterns.

WHITE COPPRclay™ is available in 30g, 100g and 200g packages, suited to the individual studio, the classroom or more production-minded environments.

Visit www.riogrande.com to see the entire line of metal clays as well as the almost endless selection of tools, findings and accessories that make this medium so creatively rewarding.