Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

ASHI unveils customizable Bridal Book


Have you ever wondered how to better brand your business in your marketplace and how to do so in a cost effective way? If so, you’ll want to take a look at the new 2014 customizable ASHI Bridal Book. ASHI’s customizable Bridal Book helps you brand your store by creating customized catalogs and brochures with your designer jewelry and watch brands, along with key business partners in your community that will drive traffic to your jewelry store.

Ashi-Augow does it work? One of the keys to promoting your brand is to increase the points of distribution in your market. This can be accomplished by inviting local non-competitive bridal oriented businesses to advertise in your annual Bridal Book to provide a complete bridal experience to your prospective customers.

ASHI understands how important your business partners are in your community and the advantages of your mutually beneficial relationship with them, which is why they offer this resource to help you customize your Bridal Book by including businesses such as: wedding rentals, bouquet shops & florists, beauty salons, wedding cake suppliers, limousine services, photographers & videographers, bridal gown stores, catering services, etc.

ASHI helps you build your customized Bridal Book as a reference book for anyone, not only to buy jewelry, but also to plan a wedding in your community. In addition, many of the business partners and designer brands will offer co-op ad dollars to offset the costs. In conjunction, ASHI will also offer co-op dollars to offset printing costs. This combination makes for a cost efficient plan for not only promoting your brand, but also for increasing your points of distribution.

Participate in the 2014 ASHI Bridal Book program and their marketing experts will show you how to:

  • Brand your business in your marketplace
  • Increase traffic in your store(s)
  • Generate new customers
  • Get additional turn on your existing inventory

It’s all about your store “Being the brand... not just selling the brand!”

ASHI is a supplier that is committed to promoting you as the brand in the marketplace rather than themselves. For more information, visit ASHI at the August Atlanta Jewelry Show, contact your regional ASHI sales representative, visit www.ashidiamonds.com or call 800-622-2744.