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Life-In-Gold collection takes customization to a new level


Cad-Jeweler.com, a Minneapolis firm specializing in wholesale CAD design and manufacturing services to the trade, is proud to introduce the Life-In-Gold.com collection, a new concept in fully personalized jewelry products.

Using state-of-the art CAD software and ultra-high resolution 3D printing, Life-In-Gold.com products take “truly customized” to a new level of meaning and customer appeal. Using customer-supplied photographs or digital images, a 3D relief is created in solid gold. This highly detailed relief can be mounted on a variety of jewelry products, including lockets, military tags, charms, pendants, rings, buckles and bracelets. The photo reliefs can be made in any color of gold, resulting in an endless variety of options. Many items are also offered with complementary engraving options on the reverse side, adding to the custom appeal.

LIG-1-OctHaim Becker, owner of Cad-Jeweler.com and the designer of the Life-In-Gold.com collection, is a second-generation jewelry designer and early adopter of 3D technology and applications. Mr. Becker states: “Fine jewelry already offers great emotional appeal, and our new products really take that personal meaning to a higher level. Whether it is a photo of a loved spouse, a wedding, a newborn baby, or cherished pet, now that image can be had forever in solid gold. These items become true family heirlooms, with meaning beyond any other jewelry items.

“The real advantage to retailers is that not only is this product not inventory-driven, its applications are virtually endless, and given our service-oriented approach, we will do our very best  to make each work a truly custom experience.”

The products are priced competitively at $349 - $499 retail, and the only investment required to open a wholesale account is $50 for a gold-plated sample kit and point-of-sale brochures.

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With Life-In-Gold a 3D relief is created in solid gold using customer-supplied photographs or digital images. The highly detailed relief can be mounted on a variety of jewelry products.

Retailers interested in opening Life-In-Gold.com wholesale accounts may contact Mr. Becker by phone at 612-874-8370, or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The product range can be viewed online at the company’s website, www.Life-In-Gold.com.