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Pe-Jay Creations partners with heartfelt birthstone line, “MY STORY”


Story logoA perfect match of creative and business smarts to continue MY STORY growth

(NEW YORK) - Mitchell Feuer of Pe-Jay Creations and  Jackie Cohen from Timeless Fine Jewelry have partnered to create a new company, MY STORY FINE JEWELRY, to breakout the heartfelt birthstone line, “MY STORY”

As the line grew, Jackie, a single mother, through the process of adoption, was looking for more freedom, and flexibility from her growing family business, Timeless Fine Jewelry.  Jackie knew she needed to partner with someone to help run the business side of MY STORY. “I wanted to continue to create, design and share stories with the amazing people I have met over the past year and a half of growing MY STORY, but knew I couldn’t do it on my own,” said Cohen. “I needed someone to run the ins and outs of the everyday business and I could handle the creative. Mitchell Feuer at Pe-Jay Creations was the perfect fit!”

Pe Jay Creations, a second generation family-owned and operated company had the family culture Jackie was looking for, and similarly aligned values of high quality production, and, most of all, its attention to detail.

“Jackie will have the flexibility to be a stay at home, full time working mom, without having the worries of inventory, production, shipping and accounts payable/receivables. Pe-Jay Creations has the infrastructure to continue to grow the MY STORY brand, while expanding her reach with Pe-Jay’s large customer base,” says Feuer.  It’s a perfect match of creative and business savvy to continue creating elegant, playful pieces for everyday wear, while always keeping your story close to your heart.

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MY STORY began when Jackie Cohen decided she wanted to have a baby. After years and thousands of dollars spent on attempting to get pregnant without any success, Jackie took the alternative route and applied to be an adoptive mother.

Her incredible journey inspired her to create a small, simple baguette ring in citrine, her new daughter Julia’s birthstone, to symbolize her coming into motherhood. Little did she know that this was the beginning of something much greater.

The ring caught the attention of her friends and jewelry clients alike, each equally enraptured by its unique craftsmanship as well as the tale of how it came to be. It’s surprising popularity and eye-catching design led Jackie to want to create more like it, soon evolving a single ring into an entire collection she aptly calls MY STORY. Learn more about Jackie’s journey to motherhood and the creation of MY Story at http://www.southernjewelrynews.com/latest-news/other-news/3401-life-changing-event-inspires-heartfelt-new-line.

MY STORY is available in fine jewelry stores around the country and launches at Barney’s NY 59th street, and online in September.

For more information on the MY STORY Collection, visit www.MyStoryfinejewelry.com or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..