Last updateWed, 13 Jun 2018 12am

Industry veterans collaborate to form MDJ Advantage


(NEW YORK) - Three industry leaders with a combined 100 years in the industry, Michael Indelicato, Dominic Mainella and Jeffrey Sadowsky, have partnered to form MDJ Advantage. They have developed an organization of buying and selling focusing on great value with immediate delivery to offer retailers, jewelry opportunities at prices they can’t refuse.

“You can call it closeouts, you can call it surplus, but smart retailers call it profit,” said Indelicato. MDJ’s inventory, acquired from a variety of relationships built over decades, consists of:

  • Antique & Estate
  • Closeouts
  • Overruns
  • Estate Liquidations
  • Manufacturer Surplus
  • Bankruptcy Trust

When Indelicato first met with Mainella and Sadowsky he knew that these two men were something special and that their combined vision for the diamond and jewelry industry was something he wanted to be a part of.  So in addition to his role as President and CEO of RDI Diamonds in New York, Indelicato is also a participating investor in MDJ Advantage to which he brings his experience, processes, ideas and vision.

Indelicato, Mainella and Sadowsky are using their “insider’s knowledge” to establish partnerships, as opposed to just being another vendor.

“I have seen a lot of changes in this industry in a very short time and I have no doubt that MDJ Advantage, and more specifically Mainella and Sadowsky, will continue to make their mark and become the independent jewelers secret buying weapon,” says Indelicato, “The three of us coming together created the perfect storm of personalities and skill sets designed for success.”

Mainella has had a 28-year career in the diamond and jewelry industry as a business owner, founder, national sales director and vice president. He has been a top producing sales representative for 20 consecutive years and prides himself on his ability to inspire and lead a great team of sales representatives that are able to give your business the pieces you need.

“Our vision and passion has always been to help jewelers generate more sales, give them the ability to offer an exquisite and unique collection of jewelry, and help match each piece to the buyer,” says Mainella. “Our reputation and vision have given us a distinct and discreet network of relationships. We want to use those relationships in conjunction with our knowledge to your benefit.”

Sadowsky has been in the industry for 50 years as president, vice president, general manager, director of acquisitions and now founder. He has found his passion in traveling the world finding and acquiring pieces that bring diversity and value to the jewelers of America.

“No one can be all things to all people but at MDJ we have created essentially a one-stop shop for the retail jeweler,” says Sadowsky, “offering a myriad of styles, brands, estate and antique pieces from overrun stocks to bankruptcy liquidations to private estates.”

MDJ Advantage has introduced a buying experience for retail jewelers designed to allow them to obtain bargains fast and easy. They bring diversified collections of fine jewelry at multiple price points. Most of these collections are not available to retailers and MDJ Advantage says they are able to offer these items below manufacturers cost, while also being able to specialize in one-of-a-kind and signed pieces. The pieces and price points range from the finest selection of jewelry, to estate, signed, branded, and antique. “MDJ Advantage is bringing jewelers branded products they might not have been able to acquire on their own, and at prices that only we can offer,” added Indelicato.

For more information and to learn about their offer of $1,000 toward your first purchase, contact MDJ Advantage at 888-500-4311 or visit www.mdjadvantage.com.