DNR Diamonds flourishes since opening of New York office

(NEW YORK) – DNR Diamonds announced the move of their Arizona office to the heart of New York City has maximized their buying power and enabled them to better serve their customers.

DNR Diamonds discovered tremendous business value in moving to New York City. As a world-wide diamond wholesaler, the company desired to be closer to their U.S. customers and operate in the central U.S. diamond hub. Making the move has already paid off with the company seeing a significant increase in business.

Long-time west coast customers won’t miss out either. Timely deliveries, exceptional pricing and increased quality will continue to be the hallmark of DNR service as these components are enhanced as a result of the new location.

“We value our clients and when we saw an opportunity to improve our service to them we took it,” states Robby Nochimowski, owner of DNR Diamonds. “We’ve already seen an increase in business since the move occurred in the 4th quarter of 2009.”

DNR Diamonds opened their Arizona office in 2001, seven years after they opened their Chicago office. After nine years they decided it was time to move to the busiest U.S. diamond hub in the country – New York City.

Today the company has more than 11,000 customers who utilize DNR’s vast inventory of ethically-minded diamond inventory ranging in size from 3⁄4 carat up to 10 carats. They have offices in Israel and China, in addition to their US locations, employing more than 25 employees.

Most clients reach them by referral and, according to Robby, “once they try us, they usually stick with us.”