Last updateTue, 17 Jul 2018 10pm

North Carolina Jewelers Association Crime Alert


In late January, at 4:30 pm a 32 year old Hispanic male came into John Laughter Jewelry in Asheville, North Carolina to sell a gold chain.  A sales associate took the necklace and identity information to Mr. Laughter. He tested/weighed the necklace and returned it to the associate to make an offer to the customer.

Thereafter, during the transaction with the sales associate, the necklace was switched. Laughter discovered it shortly after, but the man had driven straight to the bank and cashed the check.

The name the “customer” used was Maron Molina.  He had an Illinois license.  He was very friendly, nicely dressed and had a tattoo on the side of his neck.  He was approximately 5’9”.

The fake necklace was identical to the real one, even to the extent of having some file marks on it, but the weights were different.

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