Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Overnight introduces new catalog with custom cover


Helps retailers promote their brand by printing store name prominently on the cover

Overnight Mountings is proud to announce the launch of its newest catalog, Volume 5. Along with thousands of new fashionable designs tailored for today’s economy, it also incorporates a revolutionary custom cover that features your store’s name and logo.

At Overnight they understand that you, the retailer would much rather pull out a catalog with your name on it, not theirs. Understanding this, Overnight has developed a new comprehensive catalog for your specific company with your name on the cover.

Overnight’s new custom catalog features the retailer’s store name and logo prominently displayed on the cover
Overnight says they have spared no expense in the creation of this new catalog, designed to make sales easy. Along with the customized cover, they have added prices in 3 different gold markets ($1200, $1600, $2000), all in triple key, making it much easier to accurately quote a customer.

Other highlights of the new catalog include thousands of new designs, featuring stunning detail and high quality craftsmanship made in New York. All mountings in the catalog are shot in high resolution, detailing several different angles to showcase the brilliance of each of their products.

At Overnight they realize with today’s economy and the fluctuating metal markets that sales are tough, but with this new catalog along with thousands of new designs tailored for today’s economy, you should easily be able to find something for every customer!

Call Overnight at 888-731-1111 or visit their website at www.overnightmountings.com to request your free custom catalog today.