Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

New, 2nd edition CD set reveals key marketing secrets of top jewelers


Why do some jewelry stores seem to have an unusual amount of buying traffic in their store?

Why can some brand new jewelers generate multi-million dollar enterprises, sometimes in as little as a couple of years, while other jewelers struggle for decades – generations in some cases – and never seem to be able to crack the million-dollar store level?

How is it that a few of these same long-established operations suddenly “hit it big” and skyrocket to the success they’re always dreamed of, after years of mediocre performance?

The answers to these and many other questions that plague jewelry store owners/managers are revealed in the newly-revised 6-CD box set entitled, “Marketing Gems 2nd Edition... How To Quickly Get More Customers Who Will Pay You More Money, More Often In The Jewelry Business”.

This updated version of a popular program, originally released in 2004, features top marketing jeweler, Bill Warren, who actually lives the dream of million-dollar plus success in a small town of just 3,800 people. Jeweler, columnist and speaker, Warren combines his insights with those of his mentor, nationally renowned marketing speaker, coach and author, Jim Ackerman, who has helped dozens of jewelers achieve exceptional results, and who was the lead presenter on the original “Marketing Gems” set as well.


“I more than doubled my long-established business in about two years using the techniques Jim and I reveal in this program,” Warren says. “I crossed the million dollar mark back then, and have never looked back. These methods simply work.”

Listeners will discover and be challenged by many of the ideas presented in this program, including: The Unique Purchase Appeal, systematic approaches to bringing in more customers, increasing the size of your average ticket and getting existing clients to happily return and buy, over and over again.

Ackerman and Warren address tried and true marketing techniques, the changing world of the media and how to make your advertising work, integrated marketing, how to make social media work for you, how to get noticed, how to dramatically increase response to your ads without increasing your marketing budget, plus much, much more.

Ackerman warns, however, these ideas presented are not for the faint of heart! “If you’re expecting traditional jeweler’s marketing concepts, look elsewhere! However, if you’re tired of the same old ideas and are willing to implement some tried and true, profit-proven marketing strategies... be prepared for unusual, and extraordinarily gratifying growth and success,” he says.

“Marketing Gems 2nd Edition” is priced at $197 and the presenters are offering an unconditional lifetime, money-back guarantee. And as part of an introductory offer, Ackerman & Warren are including the original “Marketing Gems” series (an additional $197 value) at no additional charge, while supplies last. To order “Marketing Gems 2.0” or for more information, call 800-584-7585.