Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Harmon Group adds 360-degree photography to offerings


(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) - Marketing and advertising agency Harmon Group is excited to announce the addition of a whole new suite of 360-degree photography equipment to increase their extensive list of product photography services. The equipment allows Harmon clients to obtain up to 360 high resolution photos as the product turns, allowing customers to smoothly rotate the products on screen to see stunning details.

“Working with so many clients in the luxury space means that we are always looking for new and innovative ways to capture the elegance of their products,” said Rick Arnemann, CEO, Harmon Group. “With the 360-degree equipment, we are now providing clients with a solution that will showcase their products the way customers want to see them - in vivid detail from multiple angles.”

360-degree product photography helps companies break down communication barriers inherent to still photography. With uses in e-Commerce and marketing, 360-degree photography provides an edge for companies that want to set their products apart from the crowd - and Harmon is already leveraging the equipment for clients to create powerful product engagement opportunities on iPads, mobile apps, and websites.

To learn more about the Harmon Group and the 360-degree photography solution, visit their website at www.HarmonGrp.com or call them at 615-256-3393. You can also follow them on Facebook.com/HarmonGroup or Twitter.com/HarmonGrp.