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Independent retailers reaping rewards of Preferred Jewelers membership


When Andie Weinman, co-founder of Preferred Jewelers International™ and husband Joe Murphy, created Preferred Jewelers International to showcase a nationwide network of premiere, independently owned and operated jewelry stores, they knew they had a long road ahead. But nearly a year later, their gamble is paying off, and their vision of a “Preferred Family,” is expanding in an increasingly significant way.

Created in 2009 as an offshoot and addition to CBG, the group known as Preferred Jewelers took some time to decide how to differentiate itself from CBG proper. The goals, strategies and tools Andie had designed to leverage the power of membership, and give independent retailers unique advantages in the competitive marketplace, played a large part in the Preferred Jewelers identity.

While numerous benefits, including no minimum sales volume, and territory exclusivity make the Preferred opportunity attractive, those things alone are not the most significant offerings that make Preferred the perfect fit for independent retailers dedicated to excellence in customer service, value and product selection.

Jewelers looking to set themselves apart in a crowded market have seen an incredibly positive impact on their businesses, simply by taking advantage of the Preferred Jewelers marketing slogan, “Experiences that Last a Lifetime™” and offering the Preferred Jewelers Warranty Program to their customers. In a little less than 12 months, 30 key Preferred retail jeweler members alone have issued thousands of warranties, affecting the retailer’s bottom line in a substantial way, and directly contributing to a higher sales-closing rate.

Other tools, such as Search Engine and Social Media Optimization, Training Modules, along with advertising and marketing support and ideas, as well as the Phantom 105 Diamond (exclusive to Preferred Members), make this program an invaluable tool for retail jewelers who want to create, or continue, the benchmark of excellence within their community.

Weinman says: “With this program, the independent retailer can surpass national chains and internet sites. We are a network of independent retailers, that want consumers to have and share ‘Experiences that Last a Lifetime™.’ We want consumers to know an owner-operator when making one of the most important purchases of their life.”


Co-founder Joe Murphy said the group gives members: “A voice that will only get stronger as we continue to grow. Although there are territorial restrictions, I truly feel that this number can double or even triple within the next year due to all the benefits we are offering the independent jeweler. Preferred Jewelers International will ultimately shape the future of the entire jewelry industry.”

Continuing the momentum it generated in 2013, Preferred Jewelers International recently created an alliance with the high-end Centurion Jewelry Show.  Retailers attending the February 1, 2014 Centurion Show in Scottsdale, Arizona have a chance to connect directly with Andie, Joe, Aaron, and the rest of their team, and learn more about the Preferred Family of Jewelers.

“Centurion is very pleased that Preferred and a number of its members will be joining us as a sponsor this year and bringing effective marketing options for better independent jewelers,” said Howard Hauben, president of the Centurion Show.

If you would like to learn more about the Preferred Jewelers Organization, contact the Preferred Jewelers office at 888-998-8874, or e-mail Aaron Weinman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To learn more about Preferred Jewelers, or to become a Preferred member visit their website at www.Preferred-Jewelers.com so you can begin offering a guaranteed assurance to your customers that their love stories will begin with “Experiences that Last a Lifetime™.”