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Three tips for investing in colored stone jewelry from Steven Royce Designs

(NEW YORK) - Steven Royce Designs, a New York-based design house specializing in colored gemstones, will be launching a social media campaign with the goal of educating consumers in how to best invest in jewelry.

“In the last few years, we’ve been getting more and more requests from people all over the U.S., Canada and, increasingly, China and the Far East, who are interested in our jewelry specifically for investment purposes,” said Steven Royce Designs Vice President Jason Rahimi. “We’re finding that there are many people who are eager to invest in jewels, but they are not sufficiently informed about the marketplace. We believe that an educated client is our best customer, so we’re going to start sharing information and advice publicly and we encourage potential investors to contact us with any questions.”

Steven Royce Designs plans to start regularly offering jewelry investment tips through its social media channels on Twitter (twitter.com/StevenRoyce1), Facebook (facebook.com/stevenroycedesigns), Pinterest (pinterest.com/stevenroycedes) and Instagram (instagram.com/stevenroycedesigns).

Three Basic Tips for Investing in Colored Stone Jewelry from Steven Royce Designs Vice President Jason Rahimi

1. Invest in beauty. When looking into investment gems, remember the four Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The ultimate gem will have a beautiful and consistent color throughout the entire stone. Although there’s no official clarity grading with colored stones, you want to make sure that your stone is at least loupe clean. A perfect cut to the stone also increases value, since you need optimal light reflecting throughout the stone in order to achieve maximum luster. Once you’ve covered the first three Cs, you can be assured the value of the stone will go up the higher the weight.

2. Ask about origin. Origins of gemstones affect value tremendously. With the exception of tanzanite, all other gemstones have multiple origins. Most gemstones will have one particular origin where the stone is exceptionally finite and coveted (i.e. for alexandrite, it’s Brazil; for rubies, it’s Burma) and stones from that particular region will be most valuable.

3. Look for proper certification. When buying a costly gem stone, ask for proper certification and pay careful attention to the certifying lab. There are many gem labs around the world, with varying reputations. For colored stones, demand certificates from either Gubelin, GemReasearch Swisslab (GRS), Christian Dunaigre Consulting (CDC) or Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

5 Steven Royce Designs Jewelry Investment Pieces

Royce 1

14k White Gold Bracelet with 55.89 carats of rubies, pink sapphire and diamonds in assorted shapes and sizes. Suggested retail price: $55,000.

“This bracelet is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship. A tremendous amount of labor went into designing and creating a piece with all sorts of mixed shapes, sizes and shades of pink and red. The value in this piece lies in its uniqueness. There’s only one bracelet of its kind in the world. Recreating it is nearly impossible,” explains Rahimi.

Royce 2

18k Rose Gold Ring with .53 carat Brazilian alexandrite and .73 carats of diamonds. Suggested retail price: $9,500.

“Although the centerpiece of this ring is a relatively small stone, it may be the most precious of our recommended investment pieces. Brazilian alexandrite with 100% color change is extremely rare. In general, alexandrite stones, of any origin and quality, are far more rare than diamonds. There is only one alexandrite mine in Brazil and it’s almost completely depleted. There’s nowhere near the proper supply to satisfy the growing demand for the beautiful gemstone. I find myself regularly recommending clients invest in fine Brazilian alexandrite now, while they’re still somewhat affordable,” says Rahimi.

Royce 3

18k White Gold Pendant with 50.70 carats of tanzanite and 1.32 carats of diamonds. Suggested retail price: $84,750

“Tanzanite, though not rare in smaller, lighter colored sizes, is quite rare in 40 carat sizes and up. In addition to the magnificent size, this tanzanite is heart-shaped - a shape in which tanzanite is rarely cut, due to high losses when the rough stone is being cut. Top this all off with the deepest possible color and life and you’ve got yourself a super fine investment gem,” offers Rahimi.

Royce 4

18k White Gold Ring with 2 carats of Burmese ruby and .60 carats of diamonds. Suggested retail price: $10,500.

“The value of Burmese rubies that weigh upwards of 2 carats has been steadily rising over the course of the last five years. This is because the Burmese ruby mines have been depleted and Burmese rubies are the most desirable and expensive rubies in the world. This ring should do nothing but appreciate in value over time,” says Rahimi.

Royce 5

18k White Gold Ring with 5.05 carats of Ceylon sapphire and 1.53 carats of diamonds. Suggested retail price: $25,000.

“Like Burmese rubies, larger and finer Ceylon sapphires have increased in price dramatically over the last few years. The jewelry industry is no longer concentrated on serving the U.S. market. The Chinese and Indian middle classes are growing and they’re quickly developing a taste for fine colored stones,” explains Rahimi. “With demand for Ceylon sapphires growing around the globe, this ring is another safe investment bet.”

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