Last updateWed, 11 Jul 2018 7am

Jewelry Tracker™ aids police in apprehending criminals and helps store owners recover stolen property



Although almost all jewelry stores use alarms, locks, safes, cameras and other deterrents, violent criminals continue to victimize these lucrative targets. Certainly, deterrents stop some crimes, but criminals either learn to outsmart them or, are so strongly motivated, will rob no matter how many preventive measures are used. The only surefire way to prevent crimes is to lock up the crooks committing them, and 3SI Security Systems’ Jewelry Tracker™ was created to do just that: it puts criminals behind bars to prevent crimes. Further, it recovers stolen jewelry so store owners can get back to business with minimal losses.

Jewelry Tracker uses the architecture of the highly successful 3SI NextGen3 platform: over 80,000 of these trackers are protecting assets around the world. NextGen3 leverages multiple security and tracking technologies (GPS, Cellular and RF) for pinpoint accuracy in tracking. Other important features include the following:

  • Covert packaging disguises the tracker from criminals and won’t impact your store’s aesthetics
  • Device self-health checks to ensure it is ready to protect 24/7
  • Reliable performance in challenging locations, like cities and malls, where other trackers fail
  • Device is up and running to protect your store in less than 15 minutes. No need to close the store or disrupt sales to install Jewelry Tracker
  • Device automatically notifies police - store owners and employees stay clear of potentially dangerous pursuit or tracking situations

Mary Pifer, 3SI’s VP of International Marketing and Product Management, said: “Jewelry store owners understand that thieves can outwit technology like CCTV, and bars on windows or locked doors can be off-putting to customers. Our technology is completely invisible so customers’ experience in the store is unaffected. Luckily, the technology is also invisible to criminals so they are unaware that they are being tracked. Jewelry Tracker helps recover stolen inventory and apprehend criminals almost 80% of the time.

“Our trackers are all user-friendly and work whether you are a small jeweler and want to protect just one case, or if you have a chain of stores and need to protect hundreds of locations. Our solution is scalable and supports flexibility in how you deploy it.”

Jewelry Tracker was recently featured in a presentation by the Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA). More recently, Jewelry Tracker reached the status of finalist in the JCK Think Tank event at the JCK Las Vegas Show in June.

For more information about 3SI’s Jewelry Tracker, visit www.3sisecurity.com/wegotthis. Contact 3SI Security Systems by phone at 800-523-1430.