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Hi-tech gold mining producing dramatic drop in per ton digging costs


Barrick and Cisco say their sensor-packed system will make mining safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

gold mining

Surrounded by sagebrush and pinyon pine in a remote part of Nevada, the city of Elko appears out of the desert as if from another era, with its strip of 1960s neon-lit motels and casinos. But down the highway a stretch, the scene is unmistakably 21st century.

Seventy-five miles outside town, Barrick Gold Corp.is a year into the gold mining industry’s most ambitious experiment to modernize digging. At Barrick’s analytics and unified operations center, a long bank of enormous screens and rows of computers analyze data collected from thousands of sensors that record virtually all activity at and around the vast underground Cortez mine. The idea is to use Silicon Valley monitoring technology to mine more gold at cheaper rates while reducing injuries and pollution. “Literally every single aspect of the business should change,” says Executive Chairman John Thornton.

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