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Paula Crevoshay’s Practical Magic


Fusing art and commerce

Mia fish“I’ve been very lucky,” Paula Crevoshay confides modestly. “An early mentor told me that if you have luck and talent you can go far. Since I first started as a jewelry artist four decades ago I’ve been favored with top art collectors as clients, wealthy investors. Museums have sought my work.”

It’s said that fortune favors the bold. Crevoshay’s unwavering passion to create pure art, one of a kind pieces, has allowed her to become a commercial success, recognized internationally at the top of her field. “Early in my career David Yurman admired my work but warned me that I could never survive unless I commercialized my process of production. But I always wanted to create only one of a kind pieces, as unique as each individual client they would ultimately find their home with. Decades later, reconnecting with him, it was obvious that staying true to my vision was my correct path, my formula for success.”

Edison famously quipped that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. “I’ve always worked very hard,” Crevoshay shares. “We have huge international ongoing projects in Europe and elsewhere. I get up at 4 a.m. to do research before the regular work day begins.” Her focus has been steadfast four decades and counting. “But because my work’s my passion, it feels like play. I love what I do!”

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Crevoshay’s magic is infused with practicality, another factor in her success. “I’m really quite practical, quite conservative. I’ve never borrowed a dime. I’ve stayed within my means. When we were married in our early twenties, we received as a wedding gift the funds for an elaborate wedding. But instead, we had a very simple but beautiful outdoor New England wedding, in nature. We invested the funds in a Hong Kong bank at a good rate of interest and used the funds to finance the business.”

Exhibiting at major trade shows, such as AGTA GemFair Tucson - one of the original exhibitors at the show - Crevoshay also makes her exquisite pieces available through select retailers. “I get a lot of commissions as well,” she shares. “Sometimes a client has a very detailed concept in mind at the beginning, and there’s a lot of back and forth in the process. Sometimes they leave it mostly up to me. It’s part of what makes it possible to survive and flourish as an artist.”

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Crevoshay now fittingly makes her home in the “Land of Enchantment,” scenic New Mexico. Her flourishing career merging artistic brilliance with financial success serves as a beacon of inspiration to artists of future generations. The realization of her unwavering vision is her legacy. “I want to make a wider path for those who follow, to make it easier for them to reach for the stars in the future.”

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