Last updateTue, 19 Mar 2019 7pm

Paul Machiels puts retirement on hold, relaunches pearl business

MachielsPaul Machiels, owner of Zhen Zhu Pearls and Charms Plus.Recently Paul Machiels, owner of JKM Enterprises (Charms Plus) and Zhen Zhu Pearls, announced his planned semi-retirement and the sale of Charms Plus and parent company, JKM Enterprises. Currently Charms Plus is still open for business and is for sale, but Machiels has announced he is holding off on his retirement plans and relaunching Zhen Zhu Pearls (www.zhenzhupearls.com). For 11 years, Zhen Zhu has specialized in high quality freshwater pearls from China.

Zhen Zhu began when Machiels and pearl expert Charles Boswick traveled to China to see how the freshwater pearls were cultivated in the mollusk. In freshwater, multiple pearls are cultivated in a single shell and only a few are selected to export to America for sale. Boswick introduced Machiels to pearl cultivators and harvesters, and they began exporting high-quality pearls to Paul in the US. 

Zhen Zhu has over 200 loyal customers in the US and Machiels says their customer base grows annually because of the quality of their freshwater pearls Customization of the pearls - sizing, stringing, mounting, repair, and other processes - are done in the US by Zhen Zhu Pearls. Most customizations and repairs can occur within 2-5 business days. 

Machiels says freshwater pearls are formed using natural pieces of mollusk which is coated with layer after layer of nacre making the cultured pearl more durable and larger in size. Zhen Zhu has proudly offered these high quality freshwater pearls and is looking forward to adding new designs and customizations for their clients.

Machiels said: “My clients are my friends and my relationships are critical in relaunching Zhen Zhu. Once again, I look forward to adding new friends and business partners as we bring the best in cultured pearls to the market.” 

For more information visit Zhen Zhu Pearls at www.zhenzhupearls.com or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..