North American Jewelers launches new business model

Want to decrease your inventory and increase your turn? North American Jewelers, a bridal manufacturer located in Chicago, Illinois, has launched “Jewelry Solutions, A Blueprint for Success” program. It’s a new business model focused in bridal and diamond band categories. The program is set up in three high quality displays.

Jewelry Solutions is a bridal line manufactured in very high quality silver. The company spent two years developing this process. The silver is finished just like a 14kt gold piece. The samples look and feel just like the live pieces.

The 14kt white gold and diamond live product is backed up in North American Jewelers’ factory for immediate shipping. They will also size the live ring and supply a specific size head if you want the bridal semi mounted.

The program is designed to minimize your inventory, while maximizing your turn and profits. If you’re looking for a way to bring new life in the bridal department, this is an excellent, low cost alternative to buying live samples that may or may not sell. As the program states, “Isn’t time to reinvent your business?”


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