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24 karat gold dipped mistletoe & holly

Imaginative new products create the best holiday season in 34 years

24k-rose-OctWhen Jason Duxman, the General Manager for Avenue Jewelers in Appleton, Wisconsin opens the newspaper he doesn’t see a lot of positive economic news for the upcoming holiday retail sales season. But he isn’t worried after the success he experienced last holiday season.

Last year for the holiday season, they mailed 300 24k Mistletoe to their best customers. Enclosed was a card that read, “We’d kiss you if we could. Thank You!” Enthusiastically received by their customers, it resulted in their two stores having their best holiday season in 34 years! “The good will that it created has lasted all year. We’ve already ordered 300 of the new 24k holly ornaments for this year,” said Duxman.

Mistletoe and holly are long-time holiday traditions and now dipped in 24k gold makes them a special and unique gift. Tradition tells us that anyone caught under a sprig of mistletoe must partake with a kiss. We can trace the roots of this amorous custom to the ancient Romans. They believed that embracing or kissing under mistletoe was a sign of peace and that all things would be forgiven. Mistletoe truly embodies the genuine spirit of the Yuletide season.

“Decking the Halls with Boughs of Holly” is an ancient custom several thousand years old. The Romans considered holly to be a symbol of good will and sent wreaths of it to newlyweds as a token of good wishes and congratulations. Europeans, especially the British, continued the tradition of decorating with holly during the Yuletide Season.

The 24k Rose Company only uses fresh mistletoe and holly that is carefully selected for it’s quality and shape. It is then electroformed and finished with pure 24 karat gold to provide individuals and families with a lifetime of holiday memories. Each Mistletoe and Double Holly comes with a ribbon attachment and is packaged with a gold foil gift box. Included is a holiday “Authentication Card” telling the legend and holiday meaning of each. Ribbon can be customized with the store name and is available at a nominal cost.

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