Cargo Hold receives trademark on Southern Gates Collection

The Cargo Hold, after a one-and-a-half year process, has finalized the trademark for their Southern Gates Collection. The certificate of registration for the “Gates” was received from the U.S. Patent & Trade Mark Office  in September, 2008.

Following their initial introduction of the “Gates,” and its subsequent success, The Cargo Hold owners felt a need to protect the unique concept. A registered trademark will enable them to expand the Collection with new styles and offer a distinguished and exclusive product - essentially a brand name - to their customers.

Under the Southern Gates umbrella comes a couple of new additions: the Southern Oak tree pendant with matching earrings, and a Palmetto tree pendant, also with matching earrings. The Palmetto is framed within a traditional scroll (gate) pattern.

The Cargo Hold continues to work on new designs for the Collection, adding to a consistently high-quality product with widespread appeal and affordable price points.

It’s a Collection for now, perfect in this economic unrest, and it offers great sales opportunities for retail jewelers.

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The Cargo Hold has added new styles to their recently trademarked and immensely popular Southern Gates Collection. Southern Oak Tree (right) and the Palmetto Tree.