JBT debuts new member website and services


(WARWICK, R.I.) - The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) has announced the launch of its enhanced member website, www.jewelersboard.com, featuring new online services that provide immediate access to critical information on the U.S. jewelry industry. In addition to providing new functionality, the new website, for the exclusive use of JBT members, has been completely re-designed for easier navigation.

JBT President Dione Kenyon explained: “This new member website is the culmination of several years of technology and services design upgrades that position JBT for the future. We know how critical it is in this competitive business environment to have up-to-date information when you need it. That’s why we are now giving our members an expanded capability to tap into JBT’s extensive database on the industry, anywhere, anytime.”

To supplement JBT’s current product offering, including 24/7 Online Credit Reports, Collections Services and Marketing tools, the site debuts two entirely new features, “JBT Advanced Search” and “JBT Credit Watch.”

JBT Advanced Search allows members to search online from over 70,000 business listings in JBT’s database, in a variety of ways. For example, users can search for and by such information as company principal, key managers, phone number, business classification, and address. In addition, name searches will link to all of the businesses with which an individual is associated. A map link is included with each entry to better identify locations. Once a listing of interest is identified, members can instantly order a JBT credit report online for more detailed credit data and analysis. All JBT members have access to this service as a new benefit of membership.

JBT Credit Watch is a pro-active, online information service for members who want the most timely information available to monitor their accounts. JBT electronically informs members of important changes in their business partners’ credit profiles. Examples include subjects of frequent member inquiries, collections claim activity, ratings changes, and other significant credit report updates. Members initiate the service themselves on-line by identifying companies they wish to track, be they customers, prospects, or vendors. The service is free to JBT Interchange Members, and priced at an annual subscription fee to the balance of JBT members.

According to JBT Board Chairman Harvey O’Conor, “The jewelry industry has been eager for information-based financial tools that are accessible from any location, and at any time. With JBT Advanced Search and JBT Credit Watch, JBT’s membership can now mine the enormous database that JBT has established over the years to better inform their credit and business decisions.”

The new site can be found at www.jewelersboard.com.