Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Stuller helps retail jewelers refresh inventory for the holidays


(LAFAYETTE, La.) - With precious metal markets on the rise, Stuller’s Clean Scrap Program continues to provide retail jewelers with a solution to stale inventory problems.

“Our Clean Scrap Program gives jewelers the opportunity to trade any junk scrap or old finished jewelry inventory for new products or services such as the Kera Bead display kit or CounterSketch Studio,” says Darrell Warren, vice president of tools. “Another added benefit of the program is its ability to become a ‘profit center’ for jewelers, by allowing them to collect and return their customers’ scrap jewelry as well as their own.”


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At the recent SJTA Show in Atlanta, retailers were exchanging their old inventory through Stuller’s Clean Scrap Program and putting the credit towards the new Kera Bead Selling System and other new products.
“Stuller’s Clean Scrap Program is the greatest,” says Rosanne Kroen with Rosanne’s Diamond and Gold in South Bend, IN. “We pay our Stuller invoices with the scrap gold that we take in from trade with our customers. It allows us to help our customers afford new jewelry. I can help them clean out their jewelry boxes, recycle the gold, and buy new product from Stuller.”

According to Warren, Stuller has one of the highest payout percentages for karat gold and silver in the industry at 98% for karat gold and 94% for silver.

“We’ve used Clean Scrap account credits we’ve received from our scrap gold to pay for our laser welder and other monthly Stuller invoices,” says Jerry Northcutt of Artisan Jewelry in Sharpsburg, GA. “The Clean Scrap Program takes the hassle out of gold refining by providing a one-stop-shop that is valuable to our business.”

For more information regarding the Clean Scrap Program or for specifics on scrap requirements, visit www.stuller.com/cleanscrap.