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Extensive planning, attention to detail make Vaughan’s Jewelers’ move a big success


(WILSON, N.C.) - Years ago the owners of Vaughan’s Jewelers knew they needed more space. In the Spring of 2011, when an ideal location became available, the Vaughan family decided to move their 62 year old jewelry store. Renovations on the new location were completed in September of the same year in the Shoppes at Brentwood, in Wilson, NC. The Vaughan’s chose to repurpose and refurbish many things, incorporate new pieces, make their customers feel comfortable, and preserve some traditions in the process.

A combination of new and refurbished cases, displays, lighting, etc. helped Vaughan’s Jewelers (Wilson, NC) create a new, elegant store while maintaining their friendly, small town jeweler feel.
The first priority was to reuse, repurpose, and refinish. Existing counters that fit the new plan were updated in finish; existing wall units were also treated to a new color scheme. Office chairs were recovered and refinished for new areas. By making dramatic changes in color and layout, they were able to incorporate existing pieces and still feel as if the store was new and different. Modern updates of familiar pieces were critical in letting customers know they were still the same small town jeweler, just with an updated look.

The updated look was accomplished inside and outside the store. The name didn’t change, but there were some modifications to the store logo, which is apparent in the new store signage. A local artist was commissioned to incorporate the logo in a way that was eye catching and different. The resulting signage combines layers of silver foil and a dark blue mosaic background.

The Vaughans commissioned a local artist to create this beautiful sign using layers of silver foil and a dark blue mosaic background.
Inside the store, much of the space was devoted to new cases and displays. Inspiration in shape and color was derived from the reused cases; however, the new cases offered the chance for improvement. The added cases were made taller, therefore bringing the merchandise closer to eye-level and easier to see. Museum lighting was utilized in the back of the cases, allowing the leading display edge to be unobstructed. This combination of height and lighting made for a seamless showcase of product – perfect for enticing customers who weren’t intending on shopping.
Vaughan’s Jewelers added many small, personal touches to their new store to ensure their customers feel at home when shopping or visiting.

Many of Vaughan’s customers have become friends through the years, and the Vaughan’s wanted their friends to be comfortable. Roll away benches were incorporated into the diamond counters, which encourage customers to sit down, stay awhile, and learn about diamonds. The idea was to make serious conversations more comfortable.

In addition to the benches, a snack armoire was added. The refreshment area houses a coffee maker, bottled water, and snacks. Owner, Bill Vaughan, has made it his mission to make people feel at home in the store. “These are our guests, they choose to come here, and we greet them, and spend time with them, just like if they were in our home,” says Bill.

10-year-old chocolate lab Sadie has spent her whole life working at Vaughan’s Jewelers.
Through all of the changes, the Vaughan family took special care to preserve traditions. The same 50 year old watchmaker’s bench, from which the founding grandfather worked, is still in use in the shop area. Everyone is still greeted by name, and if they don’t know your name, the time is taken to learn it.

The traditions are what have given the Vaughan family a good reputation for the past 62 years, and their fresh perspectives will keep them thriving for the years to come.