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Modern Day Selling Truth #2 to Lasting Success: Overcoming your Fears


Truth #2 to Lasting Success: Overcoming your Fears

Last month, we began a journey that will lead you to lasting success. The first truth we discussed was examining the use of your sales tactics. Hopefully, you found great insight in the benefits of using good sales tactics.

This month, we move ahead to truth number two, learning how to overcome your fears. In order for you to find true success it is important to know how to free yourself from your fears.

Many of us have fears that hold us back and hinder us from achieving greatness. Sometimes fear is so deceptive that we do not even realize the effect it is having on us. It is my desire that by the end of this article an awakening will take place within you that will begin to transform your sales career with newfound freedom.

When you think of fear in your sales career, what things come to mind? Could it be the fear of closing a sale? How about the fear of being totally honest while presenting to your customer?

Fear takes on many shapes and forms throughout the sales floor. Sometimes it could be the littlest things that have fear present that keep you from your freedom. How about the fear of losing a sale because of a simple daily task such as cleaning the glass, sending thank you notes or taking out the trash?

I used to allow fear to control me in such a way, and it was leading me down the path of an unfulfilling sales career. Then something divine happened that changed my sales career and life forever. I was gifted with the insight to understand how fear operates and how to overcome it.

In order to free yourself from fears, you must first understand how fear operates. Did you know that fear operates as a team? Fear leads you to doubt. Then doubt leads you to false reality. It is false reality that leads you to shame. Ultimately, shame leads you to defeat. Take a moment and look this over closely again. This is a powerful truth that you need to examine deeper. To clarify, I will share with you a few personal stories that best illustrate how fear has operated in my life.

When I was around nine years old, I was watching a scary movie at a friend’s house that I should not have been watching. This is where fear first took root. Around 10pm it was time for me to begin walking home. Suddenly, doubt set in because it was dark and windy that night. As I began the short walk home, I could have sworn that movie creature was out to get me. Does this sound like false reality to you? I ran back to my friend’s house and called my dad in tears to come get me. I was very ashamed at this point. Ultimately this led to defeat as I was on restriction for a little while. In the end, I wish I had never watched that movie and allowed fear to master me.

This story may sound a little silly, but it is the perfect example of how fear operates within your sales career and life.

Now let’s take a more current story and show you how to defeat fear. The vision and insight of Modern Day Selling came to me over time and my sales career flourished as I implemented it. Over the past few months I have had the desire to share this insight with sales associates across the country so that they may find the same success and fulfillment. As I began my new journey, fear was present and trying it’s best to stop me from my calling. Doubt called out saying, “Why would you leave such success on something that is not guaranteed to be received?” Then false reality began to tell me that I would never make it bigger than my monthly articles. The good news is that I have the light of truth to help me see these things clearly. There is no shame or defeat in my future because I have learned to overcome my fears.

It amazes me to think that eight months ago Modern Day Selling was just beginning to take shape. Within two months of its conception it was being published in three national jewelry publications and being very well received.

This has lead to many publishers wanting to publish “Modern Day Selling,” the book. I am now excited to share with you that Modern Day Selling will be in book stores around the United States and Europe within six months.

I started out with a vision to help the jewelry industry and bring change to the sales floor. Now the path has taken a broader road as the avenues are opening up to share this insight with all aspects of the sales industry. I share this with you not to exalt myself, but rather to show you the benefits of following truth. I encourage you to find your truth within and master the sales floor with a fire and passion like no other.

The important thing to point out is that truth also operates as a team. Truth gives you confidence. Then confidence ignites passion and energy. Passion and energy is the fuel that leads you to success. Finally success leads you to greatness. This is the truth that will help you overcome your fears.

Hopefully this has given you some fresh insight to help you better yourself and your career. I challenge you to use this not only in your sales career, but also in life. For those of you desiring more insight on overcoming your fears, I encourage you to explore this deeper once “Modern Day Selling” hits the book stores. As I begin speaking at trade shows around the country, I hope to meet you in person someday and you can share with me your victories over your fears.

Brian Barfield offers fresh insight in the world of sales training designed to help sales associates unlock their hidden potential and reconnect with their customers. Brian has over 17 years experience in the jewelry industry and spent the last 6 years as a million dollar sales associate. Coming soon will be his book titled “Modern-Day Selling.” For more information please visit his website, www.moderndayselling.com or contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..