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The Story Behind the Stone: Pretty Prehnite


Jewelry collectors are an adventurous lot today - boldly going where no gemstone fan ventured before. Sure you can pick up amethyst or citrine. They are glittery specimens for the jewel box. But for those of you yearning for highly individualized stones, consider the elusive and delicately toned prehnite.

Prehnite cabochon ring. Courtesy of Alissa Frazer, Agrigento Designs
This uncommon stone may form as a stalactitic aggregate or even as a nodule. Check it out. Quite fascinating. This is the kind of stuff that mesmerizes your customers when they learn of a stone’s back story. Story-telling opportunities abound with the exotic stone.

It’s found in a colorless variety, but also in yellow or a charming soft yellowish green. The vitreous pearly quality of this gemstone adds another layer of mystique to the unfamiliar stone.

Designer Alissa Frazer of Agrigento Designs pairs skillful shapes in metal to mesmerizing stones that capture her imagination. She’s drawn to the hypnotic luminescence emanating from a prehnite stone. “It always seems to have an internal glow within the stone. Gives a mystical, ethereal quality.”

Just because it’s an exotic stone doesn’t mean you save it for rare occasions. “The color is so soft and neutral it can be worn with anything,” Frazer finds.

Prehnite crystals on epidote.
This stone is particularly favored by jewelry fans during the spring and summer months with its delicate pastel tones. But fans love it and find ways to accessorize their wardrobes all year with this stone - and your customers will notice that it fares well on a variety of skin tones.

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