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Hippo latest addition to Kovel’s Endangered Species: Africa series


The Hippopotamus is the latest endangered species from Kovel Collection’s Africa series. Dr. Kovel brings to you the critically endangered Pygmy Hippo and the vulnerable big Hippo.

This pendant likeness comes as an affordable offering in sterling silver with blue sapphire eye which can also be had in 14kt and 18kt white gold or yellow gold with black diamond eye.

This Hippo, with mouth agape, rests on a pearl white bed of Tahitian mother of pearl framed in white gold or sterling plated with silver rhodium.

The hippo is the newest addition to Kovel Jewelry’s Endangered Species: Africa series.
Interesting Hippo Facts:
  • Hippos are among the largest living mammals. Only elephants, some rhinos and whales are heavier.
  • Hippo males can weigh upwards of 5 tons
  • Hippos can measure up to 17 ft. long and 5 ft. tall at the shoulder.
  • They can run faster than a human on land (30mph)
  • Their skin is 6” thick
  • The mud of tropical rivers helps them to stay cool and prevent sunburn
  • A hippo’s lifespan is typically 40-50 years
  • Their numbers have shrunk from the millions to 125,000
  • Hippos are grass eaters
  • They are very aggressive towards humans, whom they commonly attack
  • They are one of the most endearing yet dangerous large animals of Africa

Dr. Kovel is dedicated to bringing you into parts of the natural world, from the oceans to savannahs, to bring you closer to wildlife. He travels the globe to design jewelry with protection of wildlife in mind.

His attention to detail shows in reproducing the character of these beautiful animals. All the jewelry in his collection is personally designed and manufactured by Dr. Kovel. He sells only to independent jewelry stores.

Dr. Kovel also gives back to the planet by funding mangrove and marsh restoration and other nature related projects.

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