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Modern Day Selling: Signs of an elite professional


Sales Truth #7:  Signs of an elite professional

In closing out this seven part series on Modern Day Selling it is important that we focus on what separates a sales associate into the status of being elite. In order to become elite you must first understand what greatness looks like. Many of us have worked with sales associates who are amazing and very skilled in the art of selling. It is from those moments that we find many of the skills we possess that can make us great today.

Take a moment and think about those that you have worked with over the years that were special and examine their success. What you will find if you look very closely is little treasures they left buried within you just waiting to be found.  Today, I am going to give you four important skills that will give you the ability to become an elite sales professional.

The first thing that is necessary to be an elite sales professional is the ability to manage oneself. Elite sales professionals do not need a store manager telling them what needs to be done or setting goals for them. An elite sales professional will have already set their own goals and done the necessary things to find true success. Those hand written thank you cards, cleaning duties and all the little things are done quickly and effectively before anyone ever asks for them to be done. Many of the sales associates in today’s generation have become dependant on receiving orders from someone before they act. When this happens they forfeit their power and ability to unlock their full potential. This was the first secret to my success that actually set the tone for my current success.

The next sign of an elite sales professional is their ability to maintain a high level of passion and energy. In today’s world full of stresses and demands it is easy to allow your passion and energy levels to diminish. The elite sales professional will take the time to fix areas in their personal life or store environment that cause their levels of passion and energy to decrease. Without perfecting this skill the potential for burnout is great. Only when you master the ability to maintain a high level of passion and energy will you see lasting results that carry over throughout your sales career.

One of the most important abilities of an elite sales professional is their genuine care and interest in their customer. Their focus is solely on meeting their customer’s needs and delivering an amazing performance that is entertaining and refreshing to their customers. They are not focused on the dollar amount or commission to be paid because they realize that taking care of their customers will lead to much more success in the future. The key ingredient is putting more focus on serving rather than selling their customers. Over time they will build a customer base that is loyal and dedicated, then selling becomes easy and effortless. Most of my repeat customers only take minutes to conduct their business because they know that they can trust me and that I have their best interest in mind.

Finally, they are the leaders of the store who impact the store environment in a powerful way. Just like Michael Jordan in basketball, or Derek Jeter in baseball, their teammates are witnessing greatness happen before their very eyes. By doing so it raises the level of effort and skill of everyone around them. Let’s also not forget that those two great sports legends filled up stadiums and brought electricity to the air that was dynamic. The elite sales professional’s customers will do the same thing as they return time and time again to be served and given a memorable experience.

When you are able to master these things you will be able to stand the test of time and find success no matter what you are facing in life.  This July was one of my toughest months on a personal level that I had faced in quite some time. I was in the process of a divorce that was final August 1st. With that came the many tasks of finding a new home, new furniture, changing accounts and separating accounts, etc. The list was unending. Add to that the fact that my book became available July 16th in the USA, and world-wide July 27th, and you could easily see that there were many distractions that could hinder me from doing well in sales.

In order to be a leader you must be able to practice what you preach. My sales for July were $96,000. There was nobody within $50,000 of me. Did we have a special event? No. Did I have one big sale that made a huge difference? No. I simply showed up to work, managed myself, maintained my levels of passion and energy and I gave my customers an amazing experience. I share this not to brag, but as a testimony of how to find success no matter what you are facing in life. There is a way and these are things that you must do in order to achieve such greatness.

Next month we will be starting a new series on The Modern Day Store. I can promise you that it will be a series that will impact your store in a positive and meaningful way. My first book, “Modern Day Selling,” is available in paperback and e-book at just about any major book website. My newest book, “The Modern Day Store: Creating a Unified Store,” will be out within the next 3-6 months world-wide. If any of you would like an in-store visit before the holiday season I will be doing so until the end of October. The new skills your staff will learn will give you the potential to set yourself apart from the rest of the retail sales world. Have a super month.

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