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Gold Star launches new bridal line – Ttva


Gold Star Independent Pvt, Ltd. announces its first branded line of bridal jewelry called the Ttva Collection. Adapted from the Sanskrit word meaning “you,” the name is a play on the many different components that make a woman unique. Just as every woman has many different facets to her personality, Ttva brings together small, patented fancy cut diamonds joined in a special process to create a single stone look. 

Ten years in the making, Ttva is the brainchild of Gold Star’s Managing Director Sanjay Shah. Wanting to create a line that allowed women of all income brackets the opportunity to own multiple diamonds in varying cuts, Shah started perfecting his vision through hard work, planning and many years of research. Ttva is the realization of a dream to provide affordable, attractive solitaire alternative jewelry.

“It is not easy to cut and polish these stones,” says Shah. “This is a big challenge to produce this type of stone. It takes many hours of expert, patented cutting, hand matching and perfecting the pressure setting process. This required many months of testing.”

Knowing that he could source, select, cut, design and manufacture the line, all within his own company, provided a tremendous amount of confidence to Shah. Gold Star is part of a well respected group of diamond companies which have grown to be the first Indian Jewellery Enterprise to achieve an ISO 9001 certification from DNV. Without the consistency and reliability of supply from their 18 years as a DTC site holder, Shah’s vision may not have materialized.

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But with an innovative team of designers and an entire department dedicated to research and development, US retailers can promote the line as one of quality and brilliance.

“We’ve become masters of cutting these stones and we are one of the only companies that can do it,” states Shah. “Cutting a single stone is easier than cutting four stones well enough to seamlessly put them together to look like a single stone.”

With less than a .1% return rate on their product, durability isn’t an issue for Ttva. Shah says since launching the line overseas and having it picked up by several major companies, there have been few, if any, returned pieces. In fact, the brand has done so well abroad that Shah and his team decided it was time to launch in the US.

Ttva pieces include round, oval, emerald, cushion, star and trillion cut. While the weight of a Ttva diamond may be a fraction of what a single stone weighs, the cost is only a fraction of what a single cut stone costs as well.

For instance, if your customer purchases a single cut, SI stone with G color they might pay around $5000 for 1 carat. A Ttva equivalent SI stone with G color would retail for around $1000. Gold Star says Ttva pieces will run about 20% of the normal cost of single stone solitaires.

“Ttva gives the perceived look of a much larger diamond without the much larger cost,” says Amit Patel.

Gold Star is committed to reaching the independent jewelers in the US. Every aspect of the production process will remain within the family-owned company so they can continue to control and perfect the process.

“We have many, many quality checks and we match our stones personally,” states Shah. “We don’t tolerate error, even if it means production takes longer.”

Retailers can choose from rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendants and necklace sets, all set in gold, and Ttva comes complete with marketing material, displays, and advertising.

Visit their website at www.ttva.in/ for a closer look at the Ttva product for India. A US website is coming soon.

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