Last updateThu, 17 May 2018 7am

Marc Geller – Applying smart business practices to wholesale diamonds


The diamond wholesale business seems straight forward. You go to the mines, buy the goods, bring ’em back and wait on somebody to buy them. It’s a simple process that seems to leave no room for improvement.

But Marc Geller of M. Geller Ltd. diamond wholesalers in Chicago has changed the rules. He puts more into this tried-and-true business practice than is expected. Like his retailers, he delivers more than just an average experience to his clients and, in doing so, keeps his business growing.

Geller-Marc-JulyAs M. Geller celebrates 29 years in the diamond wholesale business, Marc isn’t one to rest on his laurels. Amassing a diamond inventory that exceeds 40,000 stones in house is impressive, but it doesn’t mean that M. Geller is sitting back taking it easy. Constant attention to improved service is always on Marc’s mind, which keeps those innovative juices flowing in his company.

Take his Bridal Ring Creator™, for instance. As one of the first wholesalers to offer this on-line customization tool, Marc knew he was forging new territory for wholesalers. But as his client base grew to include a wide variety of retailers, including major chains, independents and mom-and-pop stores, he felt the need to provide tools that would work for all of them.

“Our retailers are brick and mortar stores that must differentiate themselves from the online retailers. They have to offer more value for the money,” Marc explains. “Customization is a big part of that and knowledgeable, helpful sales people are the key. If we can give their sales people tools to accomplish that goal then we’re doing a good job.”

To further aid their clients, M. Geller regularly generates open inventory reports and distributes it to their clients. The reports show each client how many calls came from their stores, what stones they were looking for and what actually sold. Marc’s philosophy is that all retailers have the same expenses and if he can help his clients increase their sell-through, he then knows he’s helping their bottom line. “Providing these free tools helps our clients understand their own sales process and gives them info on how to close more sales,” explains Marc.

But Marc was quick to point out that it is the vast experience, and never-say-no attitude of his staff of 12 diamond specialists that is at the core of M. Geller’s success in serving their customers. “I’ve got people that have been with me for almost as long as I’ve been in business,” says Marc, “and each one shares my view that our business is about building relationships. They all understand that to keep relationships with customers you’re always willing to go the extra mile.”

Geller-box-JulyKeeping the retailer in mind is how their First Choice™ program was born. M. Geller developed the First Choice presentation package as an upgrade to the diamond paper in which a wholesaler traditionally ships diamonds to retailers. Marc believes the rich looking First Choice package adds excitement to the customer’s diamond buying experience and therefore enhances retailers’ sales opportunities.

“Anything we can do to help our clients make a sale we’ll do, and we believe our First Choice presentation boxes communicate just how valuable these stones are.”

All of these factors add up to a whole lot of different when it comes to diamond wholesalers, but it makes staying on top a never-ending challenge. Marc knows he can’t get lazy in business because “what worked today won’t work tomorrow.”

 The other thing he knows is that he wants to be remembered for his honesty. “I want people to say, ‘He was a nice guy who was honorable and operated with integrity.’”

 Visit the M. Geller website at www.mgellerdiamonds.com or call 800-643-5537.