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With a bolder presence, Mars Jewelry focuses on down-to-earth good quality & partnering with the retailer


As part of its brand repositioning, fine jewelry manufacturer Mars Jewelry has upgraded its website with appealingly bold graphics and a consumer-oriented theme while still maintaining a highly interactive B to B portal.

The company also has released an extraordinary 248-page catalog showcasing its dense and diversified product range. In addition, to support the demands in today’s technologically advanced environment, the company now has a creative director as well as a digital marketing and social media specialist in house.

Mars-smart-May“It’s been many years in the works, and it’s going very well,” says Art Sahagian, vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re much more targeted now and more of a retail partner than just simply a vendor. Before, it was ‘you like what you like’ and order as you go. Now, we’re trying to get into more of a long-term partnership with the retailer.”

Playing off of its planetary moniker, “A World Apart” is the manufacturer’s new tagline, assuring retailers that Mars will “deliver beyond their expectations.”

Mars, which designs and manufactures bridal and fashion jewelry for retailers across the country, also is expanding its private label. “We’re giving the retailer two options,” Art says. “They can pick up Mars as an in-house brand, or if they decide they like our product but want to pick it up as a private label, we’ll offer them a private label as well.”

Underlying Mars’ brand repositioning is something more important, Art emphasizes. “What we’re trying to do is concentrate on our new and innovative product design. Everybody does nice, interesting stuff when it comes to branding, advertising graphics and other promotional items. What we’re doing now is focusing back on making a great quality product. Overall, the new products that we’re making and the new designs are all original – and that’s exciting! So along with promotional offerings, we truly feel that we will offer what it takes for the retailer to succeed in this competitive environment.”

Mars: A Family Name

Mars is a family business that’s been operating since 1987 out of Los Angeles. Since the very beginning, the company has prided itself on custom creations, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. The company has grown significantly since its modest beginnings, but still makes it a point to maintain its core values.

Mars-millgrain-MayArt, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, has worked at the company since 1999. His brother Mike has been working with the company since 1996 and is currently vice president of operations. The president of the company is their father, Raffi. The name “Mars” wasn’t just pulled from thin air; it’s an acronym made up of the four initials of the company’s founders: Mike, Art, Raffi and Silva, Art and Mike’s mom.

“I think what makes the company special is the depth of our product categories,” Art says. “We’re consistently making new designs. We offer a lot of support to retailers with continuously presenting new styles as well as new and innovative marketing strategies. Also, with our background in custom design, it truly adds to the overall experience. Since we have a tremendous amount of experience as well as a large custom design staff, we can truly make miracles happen when it comes to quick turnaround on projects. 

“We have a lot of experience in CAD technology – years and years of experience,” Art adds. “We make modifications to existing jewelry as well as create new designs from scratch. We’re very efficient at it.”

At Mars, custom CAD design renderings are typically e-mailed within 48 hours. Waxes can be sent upon request for client approval, and all items can be hand-engraved with various patterns. Art adds, “Typically we like to turn around a complete custom project in around two weeks.”

Coming Soon, to JCK

Mars-two-tone-MayThe company’s new user-friendly trade website offers retailers secure purchasing and easy navigation to engagement rings and wedding bands via filters for design, size and price. “We’ll be offering our website to be embedded into our retailers’ websites,” Art adds. “That will be a big bonus for the retailers. We’re hoping to have all that settled and to be able to offer it by the JCK show” at the end of May.

Mars is an exceptionally easy company to work with, Art says. “We have an easy, non-threatening environment. We’re growing. People love to work with a growing company. We’re expanding and adding new staff. We have about 20 staff members, plus four sales reps, and we’re looking to grow the sales force. We’re hoping to have the whole nation covered in a year.”

For more information about Mars Jewelry, you can call 888-592-6277, visit the website www.marsjewelry.com or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At the JCK Las Vegas Show May 30 - June 2, find Mars Jewelry in Booth S10441.