Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Elemetal Capital offers special programs for jewelers seeking to carry investment grade metals


Elemetal Capital, LLC, along with its sister companies Ohio Precious Metals (OPM) and NTR, are breaking new ground by helping jewelers expand their precious metals sales to include investment grade material. As one of the largest precious metal refiners in the world, Elemetal has a specific focus on physical investment grade precious metals. Owning the entire process, from procurement to all levels of refinement and back to the creation of bullion products means retailers benefit from the competitive cost structure sustained by Elemetal.

“Until roughly three years ago NTR and OPM were separate companies,” remarks Brad Yates, senior trader at Elemetal Capital. “Today the combined expertise and full-range of capabilities that are now offered through this merger mean exceptional service at the most competitive rates anywhere in the country.”

There’s no denying that buying back scrap gold was how many independent jewelers survived the recent economic recession. Being able to diversify their offerings by paying cash for gold not only helped their customers, but also saved many jewelers from bankruptcy. Although this trend has slowed down, the retail owner won’t soon forget the essential part that diversified offerings made to their company’s survival.

Elemetal’s relationship with the industry is a strong one, but has historically centered on buying scrap metal. Yates wants to continue the retailer’s ‘out of the box’ business thinking by encouraging them to include investment grade metals as a part of their product line.

“Metal prices are above historical averages, but down significantly from their recent highs. That translates into smart investing as metals continue to attract long-term investors seeking to curb financial loss due to inflation of the dollar,” explains Yates. “The jeweler is the perfect person to become the go-to expert in this niche market. They have an established, trusted relationship with their customers that translates not only into fine jewelry sales, but also into investment grade metals meant to diversify a portfolio.”

Investment grade metal is either sovereign minted coin like the US Gold Eagle or 99.99 gold or fine silver. This makes it easily recognizable and ensures inherent value, allowing for a much tighter financial spread.

“So often jewelers approach the sale of precious metals from an emotional or sentimental point of view. But today’s economy, coupled with the political instability around the world, has driven even traditional investors to consider precious metal investments. If jewelry customers already value their pieces as an heirloom, then they are already thinking about metals as an investment. Jewelers can serve to educate them on the different grades of metals and the ROI of long-term investment,” states Yates.

Elemetal has special terms for jewelers who want to start selling investment grade metals. Not only do they provide instant liquidity for scrap, but they buy back bullion if it doesn’t sell. They value their long-established relationship with the industry and are eager to watch jewelers continue to evolve their business thinking.

Elemetal Capital is located in Dallas, TX. Contact them at 214-956-7600 or visit their website at www.elemetal.com.