Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Parcel Pro launches Shipper’s Showcase & Drop-Ship with Increased Security


Parcel Pro offers some of the most innovative products and tech solutions for today’s jeweler. With its most recent product launch, Parcel Pro provides a marketing tool to connect jewelers to their customers, while increasing shipping security at the same time. The NOTIFY alert system creates an e-mail that enables customers to trace their shipments without revealing the carrier’s actual tracking number. In addition to this secure live tracking system, NOTIFY allows jewelers to customize their e-mail alerts to include a photo with a description of the package contents and create a Shipper’s Showcase-adding information regarding new or related products and special promotions. With the Shipper’s Showcase, Parcel Pro NOTIFY increases product visibility, driving traffic to the shipper’s website. 

Another recent technical development designed by Parcel Pro is the Enhanced DropShip option, a system that sends shipping labels with easily customized instructions, ensuring a more secure method of drop shipping. In addition, Parcel Pro Mobile provides reliable and convenient options for on-the-go jewelers and traveling sales representatives; shippers can generate labels, access their accounts, and even view the geo location of their shipments in real time from their mobile devices. With minimal programming, Parcel Pro offers Shipping Widgets that operate directly from the jeweler’s website and API solutions that work seamlessly with systems such as Quickbooks and Magento.

With the demand for high-level security, convenience, and business solutions, today’s jeweler needs a variety of options when it comes to shipping and insuring valuables. Serving the jewelry industry for over 16 years, Parcel Pro has proved that it is more than just an insured shipping provider, standing out as an industry leader in innovation.

To learn more about Parcel Pro’s exciting new tech solutions, visit www.parcelpro.com or call 888-683-2300.