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Just Perfect MSP stacks up rave reviews with its online build-your-own-ring program


Have it your way – that’s what Just Perfect MSP is promoting with an online interface program that allows retailers to work with customers at the counter to personalize stackables and other bands. The program, viewable via desktop computers, tablets and smart phones, is effective and ultimately user-friendly, clients say.

Just Perfect, a New York City manufacturer of precision-set jewelry for the past 20 years, has been going direct to the retailer for about 3½ years. “Before, we were contracting to other diamond dealers who would sell to the retailer,” says Eli Borochoff, vice president of marketing and sales. He notes that the company has made a huge commitment in uploading its entire collection to the online interface.

Perfect-group-NovRetailers may carry a selection of Just Perfect designs in their stores so customers can see the jewelry and try it on, then turn to the desktop or iPad for customization. An iPad app offers a 3D video for every piece Just Perfect sells, rotating the jewelry for a full view.

“Really, every retailer should have access to this interface because it is such a right hand,” Eli says. “For example, if the jeweler has a customer come in for an eternity band, he can go onto our interface, where he’ll find we have about 1,200 different styles. The customer before would ask, ‘How much is it for this, for that,’ and the jeweler would say, ‘I’ll get back to you, I’ll have to call my supplier, my manufacturer.’ He had to figure it out, and then they’d call me and then I’d call them . . . it becomes a process that takes a minimum of 48 hours.

“What we have created with our interface online is that the jeweler along with the customer can select the finger size, diamond quality, the metal – we offer all the metals including platinum, all the golds and palladium. He can ask for total weight, or carat. What we don’t have in a drop-down, the retailer can request, and we can fulfill it. Along with diamonds, we do other gemstones, sapphires and rubies.

“So we have kind of a calculator online where the retailer can put in all the criteria from his customer, from the finger size to carat weight, to the quality of the stones, etc., and get a price, a triple key mark-up.”

Once the jeweler and customer decide on the style, the retailer submits an order online, and it goes immediately into Just Perfect’s manufacturing process. In three to five days, the retailer has the piece in his hands. Rush orders can be delivered within 48 hours, even overnight if the product is in stock.

Quality in any quantity

Just Perfect caters to those ordering in volume but also delivers individual pieces. “Everything we make has sold for the last 50 years and will sell for the next 50 years,” Eli says. “These are basic, everyday bread-and-butter items, but they are high quality.”

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology at its 5,000-square-foot facility in New York City’s diamond Mecca, Just Perfect employs 45 people. Everything the company sells is manufactured in the United States, in the sole location. “Our diamond buying is the best; our standards are top notch,” Eli says.

An established and trusted name in the industry, Just Perfect has been machine setting from extruded tubing for the past two decades. “We are dedicated to this; this is our niche,” Eli says. “We do not have castings, and our product is superior because of that. Extruded tubing does not have air in the gold, so there’s no porosity. It has a longer luster, a higher polish, and it’s strong, much more durable. The stones are set in the ring much more securely than in regular casting.”

Eli notes that Just Perfect accepts returns, so if the retailer has any objections to a piece, he can send it back, no questions asked. “We also have programs in total weights, different styles, and we can merchandise it along with the retailer for the budgeting of his buy-in for the season. Along with the packages that the retailers can budget for the season, we have our special orders online so they can have certain styles in certain total weights and certain metals. If a customer comes in and they like a style in the yellow gold or the rose gold, they can go online and price it, and order.

“So we have both worlds. We have the programs for the point-of-purchase displays and all that, and we have the special orders.”


Keeping customers happy

Durrell Hudson, owner of Diamond Durrell’s in Lake Charles, La., is one satisfied customer. “They’re wonderful; they get their stuff out on time,” he says. “Their quality, their workmanship . . . what they say they’re going to do, they do! With the online program, you get to see what the product looks like. What it shows on the computer is exactly what it is. They give you prices, and the prices are great. The service is unbelievable. In two years, we’ve never had a problem, so that tells you something!”

Randy Jones, manager at Diamond Durrell’s, adds that the online interface is great for pricing if a customer wants to increase the diamond count or change the size of a diamond. “You can quote the customer right there without calling, and they don’t have to wait. It’s very convenient to use.”

On the other hand, customers sometimes prefer calling, and that works too, says Lynn McCary Thomas, owner of McCary’s Jewelers in Shreveport, La. She compliments Just Perfect as being “very efficient, accommodating and fast.” While McCary’s does use the online interface, Lynn says, “Were pretty old school, so it’s easier to pick up the phone. But every time we do, they’ve been most helpful and can do a lot of different stones as well.”

For more information about Just Perfect MSP, you can call 877-201-0005, visit the website www.justperfectmsp.com or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..