Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

NAJA develops code of conduct for lab grading reports


At the 42nd ACE© It Mid-Year Education Conference in Rosemont, IL, on September 23, David Atlas, GG, Associate Director, Chair of Ethical Issues and Certified Senior Member, directly addressed the current issues regarding reliance on gemological laboratory reports. 

Mr. Atlas presented a suggested code of conduct for NAJA appraisers on “How to deal with diamonds accompanied by any variety of lab grading documents.”  Since we have all known for a long time that all labs are not the same, and especially since the recent actions by Rapaport, appraisers need to know how to agree, mildly or strongly disagree with a document, how to concisely word their appraisal report to show their own opinion and how they arrived at the value without unnecessary denigrating comments or creation of needless fear and anxiety for the jewelry consumer.

Another controversial topic was “What do you say to a client who has a problem with a recent purchase of a branded product?” Appraisers learned how they might successfully address the problem of determining a proper retail price for branded product, and what valid alternative approaches to value exist in these potentially volatile matters which reflect upon the entire jewelry industry’s integrity.

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