Last updateThu, 17 May 2018 7am

U.S. Pearl Co. introduces Yangtze Pearls


United States Pearl Company and CEO James L. Peach, Sr. are happy to announce the formal introduction of the Yangtze Pearl.

What are Yangtze Pearls? Yangtze Pearls are beautiful cultured pearls produced in the periphery of China’s mighty Yangtze River in the Delta Region created by the Yangtze River over thousands of years of flooding and siltation. U.S. Pearl Company states “the Yangtze River Delta is the world’s best region for the production of beautiful, high-quality cultured pearls.”

Yangtze FebUp until recently, in the Yangtze River area, the only production method for pearl production in mussels was inside the mantle tissue and in front of the powerful foot of the mollusk. This technique produced very few nice round pearls, with most being irregular in shape, and sizes mostly under 10 mm.

Now after years of research by marine scientists, a technique of growing large round pearls behind the foot in the body of the mollusk has been perfected. U.S. Pearl believes this revolutionary technology will elevate Chinese pearl production and the Yangtze Pearl in particular to heights never experienced in Chinese pearl farming.

U.S. Pearl expects beautiful Rainbow Yangtze Pearls will bring about spectacular changes in the pearl world as these magnificent pearls become more readily available around the world at very attractive prices.

Yangtze Pearls come in beautiful rounds and baroques up to 20 mm, with most in the 12 to 16 mm sizes. Yangtze Pearls offer the world the “Rainbow of Color & Beauty with sizes and quality comparable to South Sea Pearls.”

For more information contact the United States Pearl Company at 800-248-3064 or 731-584-9449 (TN office) or  850-434 6226 (FL office) or visit www.uspearlcompany.net.