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ASHI introduces Lovebright - The new halo engagement ring


Ashi haloSurveys have show that diamond halo engagement rings make up nearly 50% of all new bridal sales today. “​This is the perfect time to introduce and showcase the beauty and value of a Lovebright halo engagement ring to your customers,” says Rajeev Pandya, partner at Ashi Diamonds. ASHI’s Lovebright bridal engagement ring collection has been specifically designed to highlight fine craftsmanship and an innovative diamond layout, competitively priced to help their retail partners maximize their sales, profits and inventory turns.

The elegant, modern look, and inventive diamond setting style of ASHI’s Lovebright Halo engagement rings are unique because the diamond’s are hand selected so they are all in a near colorless range, H-G, with a clarity of SI1-SI2. By closing the gap between the center stone and the accenting side stones the Lovebright Bridal Halo ring offers a big look. The rings are further accentuated by the brilliance created from the closely set diamonds in the center.

“Lovebright Halo engagement rings make a 1/2 carat ​​total diamond weight center look virtually indistinguishable from a 1.5 carat diamond solitaire; and a ring with a 1 carat total diamond weight will dazzle your customers like a 3 carat diamond solitaire, at nearly half the price,” says Pandya. The bridal engagement rings in the Lovebright Halo Collection are affordable and range in price from $1,295 (1/3 cttw) to $5,995 (2.00 cttw).

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“If you are losing bridal sales to the mall chains, expand your market and bridal business by leveraging the beautiful styling, affordable price points, high margins and fast turns of the Lovebright Bridal Collection,” added Pandya. “Lovebright Halo Bridal engagement rings are proven top performers, which can drive your bridal sales and increase your inventory turns.”

To ensure your success with this program, your team will also be provided with comprehensive merchandising and marketing support, which includes posters, counter cards and high quality point of sales displays.


The Lovebright Halo Bridal Collection also comes with a free responsive micro-website, which showcases the entire Lovebright Halo Collection with rich, high quality multi-view photographs. Your micro-website can be fully customized and branded with your company name & logo, store info & picture, integrated e-mail system, customized retail markups, and an integrated shopping cart, with checkout by Amazon, PayPal and order by phone options. Visit www.ashidiamonds.com/LovebrightHaloBridal to view the entire collection.

If you require any images of the Lovebright Halo Bridal Collection for your marketing and social media needs, simply send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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For more information about the ASHI Lovebright Halo Bridal Engagement Ring Collection please contact your Regional ASHI sales representative, call 800-622-ASHI (2744), or visit www.ashidiamonds.com.