Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Zimbals expands wholesale pre-owned Rolex Watch Program


New SwissWatchServiceCenter.com site exclusively for Rolex repair

(TAMPA, Fla.) - Since 1990, the experts at Zimbals have been dedicated to the sales and service of pre-owned Rolex watches. You may know them by their wholesale-only website, SwissWatchPricing.com, or from their book, “The Professional’s Handbook: Pre-Owned Rolex Watches.”


Now, the team that brought you SwissWatchPricing.com is coming to the table with another amazing support tool for jewelry retailers - SwissWatchServiceCenter.com, a fully dedicated website for Rolex watch repair. “In addition to luxury watch service, we will also offer diamond bezels and custom order dials that fall under our newly expanded 18-month parts & labor warranty when installed at our facility,” says service director, Ona Kadlu.

This new support tool is just the latest from this independent wholesaler of pre-owned Rolex watches.

After nearly 30 years in business, the Zimbals team suddenly needed to expand its service facility to accommodate its new-found growth. “The response to SwissWatchpricing.com was incredible,” said sales director, Sam Phillips. “We found ourselves in need of more space to house a larger team.

“We take all of the headache away from the retailer. Our retail partners can rest easy knowing that every pre-owned Rolex watch sold on SwissWatchPricing.com comes with our newly-expanded 3-year warranty,” he added.

“New in 2017, we are proud to offer an unprecedented 18-month parts & labor warranty on all service work done at SwisswatchServiceCenter.com!”

SwissWatchServiceCenter.com is a password-protected website for jewelry retailers only. Retailers will easily be able to interface with the professionals at SwissWatchServiceCenter.com for easy updates on existing service work. “Then, you can share that information with your customer without playing ‘middle man’ with each call,” Phillips says.

“The jewelers who have chosen to add SwissWatchPricing.com to their store websites have seen a remarkable increase in both traffic and sales. It’s only natural for service work to increase,” he continued. “This is a one-stop system that allows any quality-minded jewelry retailer to be a serious player in the luxury watch marketplace.”

At a time when the Internet has become a source of both comparison and competition in the pre-owned Rolex watch marketplace, the team at SwissWatchPricing.com offers one more tool to give your store a superior on-line presence with SwissWatchServiceCenter.com.

“The days of the in-house watchmaker are sadly drawing to an end” says Phillips. “It’s simply not cost-effective to absorb the in-house watch repair anymore. By using our service facility a jewelry store can stand behind the service work they offer without cost or headache - not to mention our new, longer 18 month warranty. We even see our competitors using non-genuine parts for internal movement repairs as a way to offer low prices, but this just opens a store keeper up to further potential problems. Our watchmakers use only genuine Rolex parts on all movement service and repair work.”

To learn more about Zimbals and the new SwissWatchServiceCenter.com, call 800-783-8586 or visit www.SwissWatchPricing.com or SwissWatchServiceCenter.com.