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GN Diamond helps jewelers combat the internet with science, 3rd party validation & virtual reality life experience


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Customers and millennials are continuously challenging the retail jeweler. “We believe in driving results and helping our retail partners solve their pain points,” says Asaf Herskovitz, CEO GN Diamond. For example, profit margin erosion, lost sales to the internet, and the need for jewelers to distinguish themselves against big box stores, Amazon, and Blue Nile.

GN Diamond is proud to unveil a virtual reality experience that will immerse your clients in the story of the diamond they will buy. This unique experience is designed to help customers feel more connected to the diamonds, more personally invested in them. Understanding the journey that each diamond takes gives customers a greater appreciation for the diamond they are purchasing. This helps explain why two seemingly identical diamonds are so different. For millennials in particular, this virtual reality experience gives them the abstract background they are seeking.  

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“Our diamonds are in the top 10% of all the world’s diamonds for brightness and gentle inclusions, and we use third party validation to prove it,” Herskovitz stated. “Sarine is the world’s leading developer of technology for the diamond industry. Sarine objectively measures light performance and fire in diamonds. By using their third party validation, we can have confidence that our diamonds are world class and provide more buyer education than ever before. Sarine has many machines but this is the 1st machine of its kind and the newest of technologies in the industry.”

Sarine takes into account where the birthmarks are within each diamond and ranks the overall brilliance of the diamond. A full display of the certification, light performance, 3D loupe, birthmarks, cut and craftsmanship, ID Inscription is easily viewed on a smartphone, laptop or iPad.

“These results show that GN diamonds are naturally brighter than 95% of the world’s diamonds,” added Herskovitz. “This will help retailers combat internet sites and big box stores and sell more diamonds.”

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GN Diamond is now introducing The Bright Crystal Diamond, where the difference is in the crystal.  The Bright Crystal Diamond is an affordable branded diamond using science and third party Sarine technology to help solve the concerns of the retail partners and their end consumers.  

“Our brand new virtual reality initiative presents the journey that each diamond must take, starting in the diamond mine where it was first unearthed,” says Herskovitz. “ Adding a virtual reality headset makes this experience completely immersive for customers.”

The imaging provided by Sarine paired with virtual reality immersion turns jewelry shopping into a unique life experience. “We help our partners sell more diamonds by offering these tools, so there’s no need to pass any costs associated with developing the tools on to our customers,” stated Herskovitz. “We are helping you to succeed, because we can both succeed.”

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GN is a leader of innovation in the diamond industry as well as one of the top four largest wholesalers of GIA diamonds on RapNet. Additionally, all of GN’s diamonds come with Gemprint to offer security and once registered, an additional 10% savings off of annual insurance premiums for end consumers.

For more information contact GN Diamond at 800-724-8810 or visit www.GNDiamond.com.

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