Last updateTue, 14 Aug 2018 7pm

Gesswein introduces Foredom MALC30 Jumbo Work Chamber


Gesswein JulyGesswein, supplier of precision tools and equipment for over 100 years, is pleased to introduce the Foredom MALC30 Jumbo Work Chamber, a larger work chamber designed to keep debris contained.

The MALC30 Jumbo Work Chamber (850-0659) is a semi-enclosed, substantial sheet metal unit designed for use with Foredom’s MADC20 Dust Collector (8542200) or other dust collection systems. It comes with a bright LED light that can be moved around and made to stay in place with its magnetic base. The Chamber is a great addition to the benches of fabricators of all kinds working with small to medium size workpieces. It keeps dust and debris contained when grinding, sanding, polishing and drilling. Its shield and LED light offer excellent visibility and well-designed arm openings and the padded arm rest provides a full range of motion and comfort.

The Jumbo Chamber is great for many jewelry applications as well as woodcarving projects. Its removable tray makes for easy cleanup of large debris. The unit is also ideal for sifting enamel with the shield up and the MADC20 Dust Collector set at low to medium vacuum speeds.

Features include:

  • LED Light: super bright, 200 lumen daylight quality 5-bulb fixture tilts on its magnetic base to focus light where needed. Magnetic On/Off remote switch box for positioning in convenient location on outer wall.
  • Vacuum Port and Elbow: Elbow fits a 2-1⁄4” diameter hose for right or left sided hook up to the MADC20 Dust Collector, shop vacuum or other dust collection system.
  • Acrylic Shield: has ample cut-outs for easy access and movement of arms inside the chamber. Shield is hinged at the top and magnetically secured with knob at the bottom.
  • Padded Wrist Rest: padded rest provides added comfort while working.
  • Universal Voltage: 115V or 230V, controls LED light and remote switch.

Call Gesswein at 800-544-2043 for more information or visit www.Gesswein.com.