Last updateTue, 17 Jul 2018 10pm

GN Diamond offering free Sarine on all diamonds


Aids in distinguishing retailers from online and local competition

GN SarineExplaining why two seemingly similar diamonds found on internet sites with as much as a 70% price difference is a common hurdle faced by jewelers and their sales associates. GN Diamond listens to the common pain points experienced by jewelers and in response is now offering Sarine Technology on all of their loose diamonds.

Sarine is a leading developer of technology for the diamond industry and touches over 85% of the world’s diamonds, says Asaf Herskovitz, CEO GN Diamond. They are a third party, independent contractor that objectively grades clarity and demonstrates why one SI2 is better than another.

Sarine’s interactive tool enables the end consumer to easily see a 360 degree view of a diamond and its natural birthmarks without the cumbersome use of a loupe and tweezers. This is true, full transparency, unlike stationary top view images of a diamond which may not show all inclusions.

GN is committed to constantly change with the latest technology in order to best help jewelers sell more diamonds.

Visit GN Diamond online at www.gndiamond.com to see over $70 million of loose diamonds certified by GIA, AGS, and EGL USA, all with the Gemprint ID.  GN reports 90% of their inventory is on the first page of RapNet and they strive to offer the most competitive prices. Contact GN Diamond by phone at 800-724-8810.

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