Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

UPMR introduces Simply White®


New alloy designed for easy casting of 18 white gold

UPMRUnited Precious Metal Refining is a leading supplier of precious metals for the jewelry industry. From a wide assortment of master alloys and karated grain in gold, silver, platinum and palladium to solder, wire, sheet and tube, United has been serving the metals needs of the industry since 1988. United’s newest alloy formulation for 18K white gold creates a finished product so white, you don’t need to plate it - it’s Simply White®.

Casting 18K white gold has always been a difficult task for jewelry manufacturers. Whitening agents like nickel made castings brittle and harder to work with. Adding a silver-based alloy made the metal easier to work with but sacrificed the whiteness offered by nickel. Palladium offers a nicer white, but at an elevated cost. Manufacturers have been seeking an alternative to remedy this problem for years and now they have it.

United’s Simply White® alloys you to cast 18K & 19K jewelry with a premium white finished color. Available in 1 dwt square foils, this formulation is Nickel Release Compliant for European markets. Reusability is not a factor for Simply White® though United recommends a 70% fresh to 30% scrap mix when reusing. Enhance your results by utilizing United’s Brite-Cast™ Investment Remover to remove fire scale as well as to prevent stress corrosion or surface damage to the casted piece.

Simply White® is designed for both casting and rolling applications. Providing unparalleled quality for 18K white gold casting, Simply White® is formulated with you, the manufacturer, in mind. Easy to work with, this formulation allows jewelers and jewelry manufacturers to finally cast 18K white gold with ease.

Technical Talk on United’s Simply White®

To pre-alloy, mix the fine gold and Simply White® and melt at 1904˚ - 1976˚ Fahrenheit. United recommends aggressive stirring and fluxing to assure a uniform mixture prior to pouring it into the investment flask. When casting, United recommends the oven temperature be at 1804˚ - 1886˚ (melt temperature may vary with the type of unit). The flask temperature should be in the range of 1200˚ – 1300˚ Fahrenheit depending on the size of the flask and type of jewelry. United recommends Boric Acid to flux. Do not use carbon fluxes or any fluxes designed for refining such as soda ash, saltpeter, etc. Avoid flux in bottom pour automatic casting units.

UPMR logoFor more technical information and instructions, contact United’s technical team toll free at 800-999-FINE.