Last updateThu, 17 May 2018 7am

ASHI launches Valentine Sweepstakes


(NEW YORK) - ASHI has announced the launch its Valentine Sweepstakes, to kickoff the Valentine Season for its retail partners. Retailers will be able to attract shoppers to their stores through various Social Media platforms.  The Sweepstakes provides ASHI retailers with a unique marketing opportunity to increase their customer base, as their social media posts are liked and shared, by their customers, friends, and beyond. This style of marketing has the potential to boost the independent retailer’s brand exposure and increase sales.


ASHI is inviting all of their retail partners to be a part of this exciting and free marketing initiative.  The Sweepstakes started on January 5 and will run through February 9, 2018. One winner will be randomly chosen, from the retailer’s page with the greatest number of Sweepstakes entries, on or around February 14, 2018.

The lucky customer, chosen from the winning retailer’s pool of entries in the Valentine Sweepstakes, will win the grand prize of a half carat diamond heart pendant crafted in 14K white gold, with a retail value of $1,500.

Sweepstakes Highlights

  • Customized Sweepstakes URL: Participating retailers received a personalized link to the Lovebright Sweepstakes Entry Landing Page, which was customized with their brand’s logo, store image, and company information.
  • Sweepstakes Banner for Social Media: Retailers had access to banners and images designed specifically for the Sweepstakes, in different sizes, as required by different social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Customized E-mail Blast Templates: Customized e-mail templates for marketing the Sweepstakes to existing customers.
  • Sweepstakes Data Access: The customer data collected from each individual retailer’s Sweepstakes landing page, can be accessed by a unique login and password for future marketing programs. Data collected from a particular retailer’s customized landing page can only be accessed by that retailer.
  • Redirection to Retailers Micro-Websites: After a customer entered the Sweepstakes, they were automatically redirected to the retailer’s Lovebright micro-website to view their jewelry collection.
  • Digital Marketing Library: Participants had access to ASHI’s digital marketing library containing images of merchandise available in ASHI’s jewelry collections to post on their websites and social media pages.
  • Marketing on Social Media: The participating retailers can create a “buzz” for the sweepstakes on their social media pages, and attract more customers to their page, by posting images of the program, putting up videos to announce important details about the sweepstakes and go live on Facebook to announce the winner! Utilizing all the marketing features provided by different social media channels gives an edge to the retailers, and allows them to effectively market to their target audience.

A customer of Dunkin’s Diamonds in Ohio won a Sweepstakes earlier in 2017. Julie Pyne, Vice-President of Merchandising at Dunkin’s summed up her experience this way: “ASHI’s sweepstakes program was an amazing touch to Dunkin’s Diamonds summer marketing program. The program attracted a lot of traffic to our website, social media pages and helped increase sales. It was definitely a wonderful program to be involved in. The best part about the sweepstakes? It was completely free! We generated great exposure and profits with zero investment!”

“Today’s successful jewelers expect and deserve more from their vendors than the normal,” said Rajeev Pandya, partner at ASHI. “ASHI is dedicated to going the extra mile for our retail partners. We want to support them through our Digital Marketing JewelSweep™ platform. Retailers get an edge by providing such exciting social media opportunities to their existing and potential customers, which ultimately helps them in increasing their sales!”

Contact Ms. Mansi Jain, at 212-319-8291, or Mr. Prashant Ghadge, at 917-338-6825, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also contact ASHI at 800-622-ASHI (2744) or www.ashidiamonds.com.