Last updateWed, 11 Jul 2018 7am

GN Diamond providing sales tools for diamond studs as well as loose goods



Selling a loose diamond in today’s world is much harder than it was 10 years ago. Jewelers are constantly facing challenges from online sites with the many buyers being armed with reams of information. However, this information can be confusing, especially when price differences between two, seemingly identical diamonds may vary by as much as 70%.

Now throw into the mix the fierce competition with diamond stud earrings. Why can one pair of diamond studs with the same weight, color, and clarity have so many price variations? GN Diamond helps jewelers sell more diamonds and more diamond studs by providing them with light performance technology, Gemprint and insurance discounts for the end consumer. 

The value and experience of the independent retailer is priceless. By continuing to utilize light performance technology and Gemprint on all of their diamond studs, GN Diamond creates a point of distinction against online competition and big box stores. Why is one pair of diamond studs brighter than another? This question may now be easily addressed by in-store sales associates.

Gemprint - Gemprint is a sophisticated, non-invasive, positive identification technology that records the unique optical “fingerprint” of each diamond. Just like a human fingerprint, every diamond has a unique Gemprint. Gemprint is recognized by most insurance companies as a safeguard for diamonds. Many insurance companies offer up to a 10% discount off premiums of diamonds registered with Gemprint.   GN Diamond pays for the initial registration of the diamond with Gemprint, so that there are no additional costs to the retailer.

Third Party Light Performance Analysis - Why can two seemingly similar diamonds have a large price difference? This is a question regularly presented to jewelers. GN utilizes a third party to objectively grade the brilliancy and brightness and clarity of the diamond, addressing why one SI2 is better than another.  This interactive tool enables the end consumer to see a 360 degree of the diamond and its natural birthmarks without the cumbersome use of a loupe and tweezers. This view is superior to still images of a diamond from a top view that may not show all inclusions like what a customer may see on-line.

Luxurious Cases - GN’s luxury cases for loose diamonds have now expanded to include showcasing their diamond stud collection. GN believes luxury items should be displayed in luxury displays. The cases provide all information relating to the diamond and change the way jewelers traditionally present diamonds and diamond studs.  These tools for selling diamonds and diamond studs provide the end consumer with a unique buying experience inside the store

Visit GN Diamond at www.gndiamond.com to see over $70 million of loose diamonds certified by GIA, AGS, and EGL USA all with the Gemprint ID. “We strive to offer the most competitive prices and 90% of our inventory is on the first page of RapNet,” says CEO Asaf Herskovitz.