Last updateWed, 14 Aug 2019 12pm

GN Diamond enhances features of 81 faceted Forever After Diamond

GN 1The ‘Diamond with the Heart of a Star’

GN Diamond continues to enhance their full inventory of loose diamonds by adding Light Performance and Gemprint reports to their patented specialty cut, 81 facet, round brilliant “Forever After” diamonds - “The Diamond with a Heart of a Star”.

Forever After diamonds’ 81 facets, exceptional brilliance, Light Performance and Gemprint reports offer points of distinction retailers may utilize to compete against traditional cut diamonds.

“The sparkle grade and brightness within the diamond is determined by a 3rd party objective source that grades each Forever After diamond,” says Asaf Herskovitz, CEO of GN Diamond. “This helps jewelers explain why there may be a price difference, that consumers may see on line, between two seemingly similar diamonds of the same size, color and clarity. In addition, the Gemprint on each diamond provides security for consumers. Major insurance carriers will offer up to a 10% discount on their annual GN 2insurance premiums charged to consumers.

“GN Diamond has produced and created this diamond that can compete with any round diamond in the world in beauty and price,” he added.  “This a proven way to help retailers increase profit margins by 10 -20%. Buying this diamond direct from the cutter will save on average 30-50% while not paying the price of a branded diamond.”

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