Last updateTue, 08 Oct 2019 9pm

JHJ Magazine expands Subscriber Benefits Program

Announces healthcare pilot program study 

Jewelers Helping Jewelers (JHJ) Magazine, a subscriber-based publication that serves the 16,000 plus member JHJ community, announced the launch of its subscriber community benefits program. Created to address the wide-ranging needs of the JHJ Magazine membership base, the subscriber community benefits program is designed to serve all jewelry industry members.

Ann Glynn, publisher and editor of JHJ Magazine said, “We’re pleased to announce the wide assortment of benefits we’ve been able to secure for our members, which include access to premium services and discounted rates on AAA memberships and AAA Annuities programs, free analysis for members on their credit card payment landscape from 1 Step Technologies, and so much more.”

Glynn is especially excited about the healthcare pilot program study the group is now launching with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). “After more than a year of working towards an opportunity to provide health care insurance options for the JHJ Community, our JHJ Magazine team has finally been able to achieve some movement.”

The program, which models one currently active and available to a group of churches based throughout the United States, is designed to offer quality health care insurance, with a choice of plan benefits and lower premiums for everyone in the jewelry industry.

Glynn says partnering with BCBS independent agent Jonathan Johnson made the process smoother.

Johnson, an Independent BCBS Agent licensed in Louisiana as well as Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida  said: “As you may be aware, some parts of the Association plans are in the very beginning stages of development. However, with the assistance of a Third-Party Administrator and utilizing the current Federal ERISA laws already on the books (as they pertain to group health/across state lines/legal formation of groups for health insurance/significantly lower rates for members based on the self-funded nature of claims), we feel very confident that this is a model that will be able to be duplicated for the JHJ Magazine Community. As an agent with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, I am looking forward to working with the benefits team for JHJ Magazine to explore how much of a savings JHJ Magazine Community members can receive through an Association health insurance plan.”

Glynn also made the decision to bring the Constituent Services department for Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) into the loop. “Senator Kennedy has done an amazing job for us here in Louisiana, on a state and national level,” Glynn said. “Having a legislative partner that cares about health care and the challenges that small businesses face is important to us going forward.”

The new JHJ Magazine Community Subscriber Benefits program brings the number of available subscriber membership offerings to two:

1)  Gold member - $49.95 per year. Gold members receive a 1-year  magazine subscription, access to general website content, including the JHJ image library & JHJ vendor directory which will be launched in July of 2019,  access to the AAA membership discounts and the newly launched JHJ book club savings benefits.

2)  Diamond member - $159 per year. Diamond members receive 1-year access to all of the above plus access for all family members to Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plan benefits, access to the AAA Annuities program, access to discounted rates on vision care plans, and access to discounted life insurance policies from the Prudential Life Insurance Company. Most Diamond member benefits programs will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

The JHJ Magazine Community Subscriber benefits are available to every segment of the jewelry industry, including retail, wholesale, sales representatives and service support vendors, watchmakers, bench jewelers, consultants, pawnshop owners, jewelry designers and specialty shops.

For more information about the new JHJ Magazine Community Subscriber benefits, visit https://jhjmag.com/jhj-magazine-benefits/  call 985-871-0822 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..