Last updateTue, 14 Jan 2020 10pm

GN Diamond introduces Earring Size Simulator App

Easy to use platform provides point of distinction

The holiday season through January have traditionally been the strongest months for diamond stud sales. For GN Diamond the 2019 holiday season was no exception. Bread and butter studs from 1/4 ctw up to 1 1/2 ctw have always been most popular, but GN has seen larger studs from 2 ctw to 6 ctw becoming an additional hot seller. 

“We believe we will continue to see an uptick in sales through Valentine’s Day into the Spring bridal season,” says Asaf Herskovitz, GN Diamond CEO. “Simplistically beautiful, studs should produce up to 12% of a retail store’s annual revenue. Diamond studs are a great add on to any bridal sale. Like Shane Decker says, ‘Never stop selling until the customer tells you to stop’.”


GN has introduced a new App that offers a visual simulation of what a diamond stud looks like on the earlobe from ¼ ct to a 2 ct. The end consumer can easily see the difference between martini set or 4 prong set in all different sizes that reflect their own taste and budget.

GN 2

In addition, GN Diamond creates a point of distinction for the retail jeweler and offers a light brilliancy score on all of their diamond studs.  Each pair is sent to a 3rd party, independent laboratory to evaluate brightness and sparkle.

“Our studs are proven to score in the top 96% of the world’s brightest diamond,” says Herskovitz. Furthermore, each pair is Gemprinted providing a unique fingerprint of each diamond which may offer the end consumer up to a 10% discount on their annual insurance premium.

GN 1

“There is such a competitive market with diamond studs that these features may help retailers gain the edge over their competition and overcome common objections and obstacles salespeople face on a daily basis,” Herskovitz said.

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