Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Avalon Solution, the jewelry industry’s website development company


After two years in beta testing and development with over 100 customers in the jewelry industry, Avalon Solution, the e-Commerce provider, is launching its turnkey website solution. Designed to help retailers achieve a professional and effective online presence, Avalon Solution offers turnkey website services to help retailers grow their jewelry business beyond the brick and mortar.

Most retailers know the importance of establishing an online presence, but simply don’t have the time or resources to make it happen. Until now only a handful of companies specializing in the jewelry industry were available to help. Avalon Solution is an innovative website development company specializing in fine jewelry needs. They take care of everything, including back end maintenance and customer support.


Avalon Solution was created for the independent jeweler who lacks the time and/or expertise to make and manage a professional, business generating website.

Avalon Solution exists to provide retailers with the expertise, tools and resources they need to establish an effective, professional online presence. Specializing in the fine jewelry industry, this company has thought of everything; from domain registration to website administration – from customized flash animation to an integrated website e-mail system – Avalon Solution has it all. And the best part is retailers don’t have to spend time, energy and money figuring out how to create, host, maintain and update their site. They do it for you, plus so much more.

Avalon-Cart-FebEach website created by Avalon Solution is backed by the latest and most reliable technical resources. GoDaddy offers domain name registration and management. Your website is safely and reliably hosted on Rackspace servers. They use the latest in Microsoft .Net Web Services, Java and Ajax technology for their web programming and development, along with Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop for web design. Store Branded E-mails are hosted on Google Apps along with other integrated services such as Google Maps, Google Voice and YouTube for TV Commercials. Google Analytics is built into every website to enable store owners to track the geographic location and time of their customers’ browsing activity.

For retailers Avalon Solution’s ability to partner with well-known software and application providers translates into exceptional website quality with nearly 100% reliability. For jewelry consumers it means 24/7 access to your products.

But the jewelry industry has unique web challenges all to itself. Having a website with some do-it-yourself photographs of your products could do more harm than good if the quality is poor. And we all know photographing and retouching jewelry is difficult. That’s why Avalon Solution has partnered with Ashi Diamonds, and soon many other leading manufacturers, to obtain high quality, multiple views of product images and detailed style descriptions, taking the burden off the retailer to provide them with ready to sell products on their website.

“We understand the two most important components of a successful website are high quality images and product content, after technology. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ashi and other vendors to provide product images and style details for retailers who carry their line,” comments Rajeev Pandya, Partner of Avalon Solution.

With 92.5% of adults citing that they regularly or occasionally research products online before buying, today’s retail jeweler is missing a boat load of potential clients if they don’t have a presence on the web. According to the US Department of Commerce, 2007 US online jewelry sales were roughly $5 billion - $5 BILLION! Company websites are no longer an ‘extra,’ they are a necessity.

“We really understand the constraints on the jeweler’s time,” states Neelesh Ghoshalkar, CTO of Avalon Solution. “Most retailers aren’t able to invest time and money into getting their site up and running, much less being able to take care of the maintenance on the back end. We’ve spent the last two years in beta testing making sure what we’re offering retailers is useful and applicable. Avalon Solution has been customized by fine jewelry retailers across the country to meet the needs of every retailer.”

And they listened to their more than 100 beta test users and incorporated their suggestions.  The Avalon Solution of today looks very different than the original. Adding features like secure shopping cart, product upload, template customization, ability to create and customize pages, along with branded digital flash E-Catalogs makes it easier for retailers to get exactly what they want from their website. And they’ve managed to offer these basic features for as little at $2,995.

Avalon-Browser_Buyer-FebAvalon Solution has also partnered with Rapaport to offer Diamond Search, a search program utilizing RapNet’s Diamond Feed. RapNet is Rapaport’s Diamond Trading Network connecting thousands of the best diamond suppliers and buyers around the world. Retailers will designate the diamond specifications they want to carry and customers who are searching for loose stones will be able to view them from their website. If the client requests to view the diamond in store, the retailer can retain the diamond on memo from their preferred vendors.

And, soon to come, the company will add a promotional e-mail module allowing retailers to design and send out e-blasts that remind customers of important dates as well as inform them of special product promotions, all from their website. But the company won’t stop there. They will be continuously improving their e-commerce solution to provide their customers with the latest technology, website design and jewelry fashion.

Because they’ve done their research Avalon Solution understands that many retailers aren’t looking to pick up new customers across the country. Instead, retailers want to be included in regional searches that encompass a hundred mile radius or less. They can make that happen through their Search Optimization, Title Tags and Keywords customization built into the website’s administration. Not to mention their team of over 30 professionals specializing in website programming, digital imaging, content development, graphic design, testing and support.

Avalon Solution’s Turnkey E-commerce Website Program has already received glowing accolades from many satisfied retail jewelers.

“The website is incredible, and it made selling a lot easier this holiday season. I was very surprised how many people went on the site and came in with a printout of what they wanted for Christmas. The Wish List feature makes the sale for you! It also is very easy to customize the site. I am looking forward to using this long overdue sales tool to help my business grow.” Frank Intorcia, owner, Frank Anson Jewelers, NY.

“I’ve tried several different ways to produce an ongoing website, from hiring high paid developers to building my own, but the maintenance always stopped me cold ... Thankfully, Avalon Solution came along. I signed up, and now I have a professional website that is actually functional, updated and impressive. Thank you so much for having the vision and understanding of what I need as an independent jeweler.” Andy Koehn, owner of Koehn and Koehn Jeweler, WI.

If you’re interested in gaining additional information on Avalon Solution jump on over to their website at www.avalonsolution.com or contact them by phone at 800-622-2744.