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ASHI Diamonds launches Bridal 2017 Marketing program


Ashi(NEW YORK) - ASHI Diamonds is pleased to unveil its 2017 Bridal Books - Elegance Redefined. ASHI’s bridal line caters to “any bride’s hunt for the perfect one for her,” said Rajeev Pandya, partner of ASHI Diamonds. “Whether it’s the intricate milgraining, delicate lattice work, or soft curves, ASHI’s designs capture the details that will truly set her apart.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to provide our customers with a fantastic presentation of copyrighted styles that exemplify our commitment to quality and workmanship, both of which have become synonymous with ASHI,” Pandya continued. “Our comprehensive marketing program provides our partners with a platform that enables them to extend their presence to newer markets. At ASHI, we strive to be our retail partners’ product and service solution, so that they can focus on the demands of their own customers.”

ASHI has noted most jewelers in the US have voiced a desire to upgrade their stores and return to the glory days of selling quality products, instead of falling deeper into the abyss of marketing fads and inferior products just for the sake of a quick sale. “Quality, elegance, and impeccable craftsmanship are the hallmarks of ASHI’s jewelry products,” says Pandya.

This year, ASHI has launched two Bridal Books. Retailers may choose between a comprehensive 60-page book and a compact 20-page book. ASHI’s 60-page bridal book showcases over 260 handcrafted jewelry designs, with over 110 new styles for 2017. The 20-page book highlights more than 85 beautiful bridal pieces, which include more than 40 new designs. The 60-pager is perfect as an in-store handout while the 20-pager can be distributed by USPS EDDM Direct Mail.

Both books feature an exquisite new assortment of contemporary, vintage, and traditional bridal designs sure to please even the most discriminating consumer. Inside the illustrative pages, you will be able to preview new innovative styling with definitive designer looks, proven best sellers, and a resurgence of traditional styles, re-crafted by ASHI’s in-house craftsmen into new classics for the bridal category.

Ashi 1“Today’s successful jewelers expect and deserve more from their vendors than the normal,” said Pandya. “We are dedicated to being the leader in presentation of jewelry to your consumers. Our Bridal Book has the perfect blend of exceptional value and reasonable prices that today’s consumers demand. The wide selection of featured products provides the quality customers expect at retail prices, allowing you the flexibility to achieve a competitive advantage in any market.”

ASHI’s Bridal Marketing and Merchandising Program is designed to showcase this collection of bridal jewelry as your store’s bridal brand. The assortment features gorgeous semi-mounts that embrace 1 ct to 2.5 ct center stones, the popular I DO Collection of complete engagement rings with matching wedding bands and ASHI’s best selling line of affordable Lovebright - the new Halo Engagement Rings. These books will serve as year-long catalogs of your store’s extensive line of fine bridal jewelry.

“The ASHI 2017 Bridal Marketing program incorporates all the print to digital marketing, e-commerce, and merchandising strategies essential for establishing your store as the premier bridal source in your market, where you are the brand,” added Pandya.

Marketing Highlights

Two Bridal Books: The 20-page book showcases innovative new bridal stylings, with definitive designer looks, and can be distributed via USPS EDDM Direct Mail. Whereas the 60-page book features the finest Bridal Collection, which includes the latest designs as well as top sellers, and can be used for in-store distribution.

Special Order Delivery: 2-week delivery on most special orders.

• Branding Your Store: Individualize the book with your store logo on the front and back cover, and customize pages inside both books per your needs.

Ashi 2• Brand Customization: There are two options for customizing the Bridal Books. Retailers may select 2 to 20 pages in the large 60-page book, and 4 to 8 pages in the smaller 20-page book, to showcase other brands such as Pandora, Tacori, Hearts on Fire, Simon G, Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc. The cost of these books can be offset by print co-op from ASHI as well as other brands featured in the book.

• Business Partners: The key to promoting your brand is to increase the points of distribution in your market. Invite local non-competitive bridal-oriented businesses to advertise in your annual Bridal Book in order to provide a complete bridal experience to your prospective customers. Customize your Book by including businesses such as wedding venues, florists, beauty salons, wedding cake suppliers, limousine services, photographers & videographers, bridal gown stores, catering services, etc.

• Digital Marketing - All FREE: Digital marketing benefits include: QR code, digital coupon, e-mail campaign, and most importantly a free responsive bridal store micro-website, which is branded with your company name & logo, store info & picture, integrated e-mail system, customized retail markups, and integrated shopping cart with Pay with Amazon, PayPal and order by phone options. The free bridal store micro-website showcases all the bridal designs, with high-quality jewelry images in 3-view angles, along with many other features to convert your website browsers into buyers.

• Social Media Sweepstakes: Run a free Bridal Sweepstakes with your store branding. The sweepstakes will give you a unique marketing opportunity designed to increase and broaden your customer base as your social media posts are liked and shared by your customers and their friends. This style of viral marketing can exponentially boost your brand exposure and enable you to increase sales. ​In addition, you will be able to collect names and e-mail addresses of potential customers for future marketing campaigns.

• Point-of-Sale, Television Commercial, and Store Marketing Visuals - All FREE: Supported with point-of-sale marketing material and attractive print & television advertising - customizable for specific markets, high resolution images for ad creation, billboards, and print & website content, and in-store duratrans and looping DVDs.

“The 2017 Bridal Collection not only represents ASHI’s quality, value, service, and marketing support to our partners, but also emphasizes our commitment to ensuring the success of their bridal business,” said Pandya. “This total package serves to remind jewelers that ASHI is often imitated, but never duplicated!”

Please call ASHI at 800-622-ASHI (2744) or contact your regional sales representative to make your store the bridal destination in your market. For more information, please visit www.AshiDiamonds.com.

New and unique, Love Universe hits the market with broad appeal


Voyager Brands’ new line targets customers from teens to grandmothers

(AUSTIN, Tex.) - Something new, different, random, abstract - that’s Voyager Brands’ new Love Universe collection of earrings, rings, pendants, small necklaces and bracelets. It’s fun and enticing to women of all ages.

Retail prices range from as low as $99 up to $3,499, with pieces reaching up to $5,000 to be added later this year. Love Universe, showcased with its own website, offers creations in gold and diamonds, along with just a few silver pieces.